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AIP and Coffee

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Good Evening, 

I am back! It's been over 3 and a half years and I jumped in yesterday on the 9th to start the AIP WHOLE 30 protocol. WOW! 2 days in and I've considered crying, giving up, having coffee, and enjoying halo top ice cream within a matter of minutes. LOL. I went form a somewhat Paleo 80/20 diet...and over the last month more like 60/40...straight in to AIP. I have read whole 30 and completed one round, I am currently reading Food Freedom. 

I am following the AIP protocol pretty strictly, but my question is mainly is coffee a deal breaker if you are following AIP? I want to really get to the root of some of my autoimmune conditions and I read mixed opinions on the coffee. Some strict say you MUST give it up, others say that you can do it with it but may not have as clear results. I love coffee. Espresso, coffee, you name it. 

Thought maybe someone could clarify or give some advice. My main issues are skin issues, tendonitis, and arthritis in my knee. I don't have RA, just arthritis. 

Any help is appreciated! 


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