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Starting next week


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Hello everyone,

Well its for a special reason that i want to start this program, My gf broke up with because she thinks i'm fat, i was always thinking that there is still people who doesn't not judge you based on your look, but this changed.

I'm taking this step to gain self-confidence that i completely lost, and to try to take care of me in the future, i will never ever let such things happen again.

With that being said i hope you will support me untill i finish this program.

Thanks everyone for taking the time and reading this post.

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What day are you starting?

Keep in mind that while many people have lost weight doing a Whole30, it's not necessarily a foregone conclusion.  If you take a long view, the Whole30 is more about setting yourself up with good habits and knowledge about how specific foods affect you individually, so you can make better eating decisions the rest of your life.

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