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Day 14 & the flu :( Help with nutrition when sick!


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I got hit with a sore throat last night and a fever today of 100.2.

the last thing I want to do is eat, but I was able to make myself drink some soup broth with an added carrot & chicken sausage. Definitely not enough food, but I have zero energy to cook and an upset stomach.

anyone else been hit by a cold/flu & have tips on how to get enough food and stay on the whole30 course? My normal go to sans whole30 would be to eat buttered toast or saltines or buttered pasta and ginger ale when I get that upset stomach fluy feeling...so basically carbs. 

I should note that I've technically fallen out of plan via sugar. All the throat homeopathic items at my local organic market has some form of sweetener. Small amount yes, but still there. That said I don't want to go off the rails and lose any progress I've been making to id gluten or milk issues. 

Thanks for any suggestions or tips!

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Sorry you're not feeling well :(

You can do carbs... sweet potato, potato, squash... added to broth... usually when people are sick, their appetite goes down so while we still encourage you to eat, you're probably not going to be eating three template meals a day... that's okay while you're sick... do try and make soups or mashed yams with ghee or something to keep your energy up and fuel your body to fight the cold.  Try La Croix or other fizzy water in place of the ginger ale... you can even put a slice of ginger into a club soda... I"m sure there are suggestions via google for making a sugar free gingerale substitue... various ginger tea concoctions would probably also help 

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