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Starting Jan 30th! Pesto and mustard?


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So I'm on day one, and already feeling the effects of no sugar from my regular morning vanilla latte, but I can do this!

That said, I was looking at pre-packaged pesto and was wondering if it's compliant? I need to buy a new food processor, but was hoping to make a recipe with pesto tonight.

Also, regular yellow mustard doesn't seem to be bad (the ones I've found without sugar, that is). Are there any other hidden ingredients in mustard I need to look for? I also read that Annie's dijon mustard is OK?

I want to do this right, so any help is appreciated!

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Annie's Organic Dijon Mustard: Distilled White Vinegar, Water, *Mustard Seed, Sea Salt, *Clove. 

With Dijon Mustard, you really only have to watch out for wine and added sugar, in my experience so far. 

Good luck on finding a compliant pesto- I haven't so far. Even tomato pestos always come up with sulfites or something else, assuming they have compliant oil and no cheese.

Be really wary about relying on 'I read somewhere'- ultimately, it is up to you to read the labels when you buy the item and before you use it.

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