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Do I follow the same meal template post W30?


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Would you like to go back to having snacks.  After Whole 30, you choose. There's only choices and consequences. 

Like you, I wondered for 30 days what in the world would I be doing after a reintro. I thought about that for the entire 30 days and I kept looking around for the "maintenance plan". 

I couldn't find the maintenance plan because in the end as with the beginning, it's not about dieting. It's all about the diagnostic testing at the end of 30 days. 

That personal diagnostic testing reveals to you what your "maintenance plan" should look like going forward. We choose if paleo snacks or any kind of snack keeps us on an even keel with our blood sugar or if they actually trigger any kind of an abby normal relationship with food, too.

In the early months, I thought the Whole 30 was the maintenance plan.  I waivered and I struggled with what my own positive food management plan should look like.  It took tweaking and with some face-to-face actual help, I was able to create a plan that works for me.

I still follow that positive food management plan. I am consistent with it.  It has other things that would not be W30 compliant but they don't trigger my old food addiction. I don't snack because going 4-5 hours inbetween meals keeps my blood sugar even. No upward ticks and no binge eating relapses. 

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