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1st Whole 30 - Feb 5th Start Date


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Prepped by making a bunch of carrot/ginger/butternut soup and barbacoa. I also went grocery shopping several times. Still can't find some compliant items I need like mayo. 

Day 1 - I stuck to my meal plan with the addition of some snacks as I felt hungry. I want to make sure my milk supply remains the same, so I won't allow myself to get hungry. I felt great making healthy choices all day. Maybe a little tired. 

Breakfast - 2 eggs, raspberries, sweet potato

Lunch - Homemade soup with salad with beets, peppers, carrot, blueberries, pecans, tuna, olive oil, and vinegar

Snacks - Larabar (out and about), Apple with almond butter, mixed nuts, Strawberries after dinner

Dinner - Barbacoa on romaine with wholey guacamole, plantain chips, and fresh salsa

Day 2 - I didn't wake up with the dreaded headache I was reading about. Throughout the day I had the occasional headache, mainly if I stood up too fast or bent over. I had lots of energy and tidied up the house, took the kids to the park, made a healthy lunch, and made dinner. I'm more tired than usually at 10pm, but I've had a full day. I'm gonna have some tea and maybe some strawberries before I go to bed. I'm expecting my cycle to start any day and also not looking forward to how that may affect my whole30. 

Breakfast - 2 eggs with sweet potato, mushroom, pepper, tomato hash

lunch - Tuna salad made with wholey guac, celery, and green apple, with green apple on the side and la croix

snacks - 3/4 banana, nuts, carrots, 2 soft-boiled eggs - may have tea and strawberries before bed

dinner - 4oz grilled chicken breast with grape tomato, olive oil, garlic topping and roasted butternut squash on the side


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As a nursing mom, you may want to aim for four full meals a day, especially if that's your little one'side sole source of food. You need more fat than the average person, too, so be sure you're including it in your meals and any between-meal snacks you have. Some women will sip on coconut milk or snack on olives throughout the day. And if you find yourself hungry quickly after meals, remember that the meal template lists a range of serving sizes, and it's okay to eat at the upper end of that range if you need to. You need enough to be as active as you want or need to be, plus enough to feed a growing child. 

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Thank you for that insight, Shannon!

Day 3 - Both of my children had trouble sleeping last night, and I never had another snack before bed. I ended up waking up feeling incredibly weak and nauseous. I think I burned too many calories in the night nursing and going to my daughter's room, combined with the "carb-flu" effect. My husband made me a big breakfast, which I ate all of, and started to feel better. I lounged on the couch for a few hours and started to feel like myself again. I just didn't feel like the salad I had on my meal plan, so I ate some other prepared food. I ate some apple chips with lunch and felt guilty, then I was proud that I felt guilty about eating dehydrated apples - who am I?

Breakfast - 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, pork sausage, and potatoes

Lunch - Carrot/Ginger/Butternut squash soup, apple chips, and 4oz chicken breast

snacks - mixed nuts, black coffee

Plan to eat barbacoa salad for dinner, maybe more soup, and apple or banana with almond butter as additional snack 

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23 hours ago, Chelsea0128 said:

Still can't find some compliant items I need like mayo. 

I bought my compliant mayo from Jet.com... But, honestly, in the future, I'll probably just make it. It takes only a few minutes, and a couple ingredients (egg, light olive oil or avocado oil, and some lemon juice and/or spices for flavor) and it's a LOT cheaper to make it than it is to buy it - you're talking $10 for a jar of compliant mayo!

Anyways, figured I'd chime in with that little tip.

Good luck!

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Last night I switched up dinner when my FIL came over. We had grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes, and salad. I couldn't finish my salad cause my son needed to be fed. I got hungry before going to bed (around 10:30pm) and had 3 soft-boiled eggs. 

Day 4 - I would say I felt a little fatigued today. I actually fell asleep on the couch with my daughter for about 20 minutes while she was watching tv. I was also already experiencing some boredom/disappointment with my food options. I really wanted something cold for breakfast and couldn't think of any options. I'm usually a yogurt person in the mornings. I looked at some before/after photos of whole30ers for inspiration and a reminder of why I'm doing this, but I still have it in my head that I could have the occasional non-compliant item and still do well. Of course, I don't do that, but it's a nagging thought. I've started to look at planning my meals for next week, so I'll try to mix it up a little. 

Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs, potatoes (didn't finish them), and sauteed tomatoes

Lunch (post dentist) - soup, banana, almond butter

Snack - apple chips, 4oz chicken breast, roasted butternut squash

Dinner - barbacoa on romaine with wholey guac, bell pepper strips, plantain chips, and salsa

Will have some tea before bed and eggs again if I get hungry since I have to stay up to work. But I really would rather have ice cream... or pancakes. 

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