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Lara Bars

Jen Dyer

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You'll have to read labels. I know they have a peanut butter one that isn't, and there are some with chocolate chips that aren't.

HOWEVER, remember that these are as close to a candy bar as you can get on Whole30. Having one first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is more than likely going to cause a blood sugar spike, followed by a drop, which can lead to you being hungry, craving sugar, and being tired.

A better option for mornings when you don't have time to fix breakfast would be to have food already made that you can grab and eat quickly. Leftovers, fritattas or breakfast casseroles, meatballs, salmon cakes, hard boiled eggs, chopped vegetables, soup that can be heated up as you get dressed.

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I used to carry on about larabars but I don't do that anymore.  Compliant = compliant.  

One person ate them every single morning for breakfast. At the end of W30, there were consequences. I can't bring them home. They're a hairpin trigger right back into candy bar land.  Some have brought boxes of them home, eating several or many through evening hours while watching tv.

Buyer beware. If you find yourself thinking about bars more than actual food, I'd nip them  in the bud before they become a stronghold.  Your mileage may vary.   

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