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I had gastric bypass surgery a little over 2 years ago. I am required to take 2 chew able Flintstones Complete vitamins per day which of course contains sugar. Will this be an issue? Is there another chew able vitamin I can take that is Whole30 compliant?

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Your doctor has ordered you to take a children's chewable vitamin tablet? I've never heard of such a thing?

You'd have to read the labels of any vitamin you wish to consume but I would venture a guess that anything that is "chewable" is going to be flavoured/sweetened so as to disguise the taste of munching on a vitamin.

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This is exactly what they tell you take and Flintstones are part of the WLS surgery equation.  Ayup.  Doctors orders "trump" W30.  

Swallowing horsepills, enormous vitamins are something that most can't do after WLS.


Examples of Multivitamins

  • Centrum adult chewable – take 1 a day
  • Prenatal chewable vitamin – take 1 a day
  • Centrum silver chewable – take 1 a day
  • Centrum junior or Flintstones complete – take 2 a day


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Fortified gummy bears are something I cannot do. Due to food addiction and a corn syrup allergy since birth, these are a huge trigger food for me. I have eaten 2/3 bottle of fortified gummy bears in one sitting. They taste like candy because of corn syrup. I can't have these around the house and if they're sitting on someone's table or in their cupboard, they look so cute and adorable that I must throw every food trigger surfing technique into the ring and fight against them.  No way, could I eat just two.

And I'll tell you true, this is the root of my food addiction. Maw put karo corn syrup into my baby formula because I had colic. Some nitwit told her that would fix it.  It did not. I had a corn syrup allergy and it made me so sick.  I've had the medical allergy test, as an adult...positively allergic to corn syrup. 

Eventually, I was able to keep corn syrup down in large quantities and I craved it morning, noon and night.  Sometimes the things we crave the most are the things we are highly allergic to...a love/loathe relationship.  Corn syrup.  It's in everything, gives me a really big pinch.

So if there's something out there you cannot live without, make sure you're not allergic to it.





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