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Reintroduction with a sinus infection!

Krista HM

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This is my first time in the forum because everything has gone pretty smoothly for me! I officially finished my Whole 30 on Tuesday March 14 but decided to keep going until Friday March 17th because it is St. Patty's day and I was planning to go out with friends and thought it would be a good day to introduce alcohol! Well, its also Mach break for us and my daughter was sick all week and of course I got it too. I'm now on antibiotics for a sinus infection and did not feel like doing anything last night. I know the best thing to do would be to keep on going on the Whole 30 without reintroduction until I feel totally myself again so I can really tell if the effects are due to what I'm eating or my illness. The problem is, I also want to be finishing with my reintroduction so I can go away with my husband and not worry about staying on plan. I'd like to have my reintroduction done in the next 2 weeks.

My goals were to slay my sugar dragon and to see if I could get rid of my eczema (and of course to shed a few pounds). I lost 11lbs as of the last day of my Whole 30 (I haven't checked since but probably lost more being sick). I have a lot less cravings although they are still there. I feel more in control of them though. And my eczema is still with me although not as bad. My osteopath told me that it could take as long as 6 months without the trigger for eczema to settle down. I'm not really keen on doing the Whole 30 that long but I will pay close attention during reintroduction if it gets worse.

My energy has been great throughout and I have a personal trainer 3 times a week and have seen a huge difference in my energy and ability to work out hard while on the Whole 30.  Friday workouts after a couple of glasses of wine on Thursday used to  be about 3/4 of what I could do on Wed!  It feels great.  I also ate pretty healthy before the Whole 30 (most of the time) so I'm finding it easy to do except that we like to go out to eat quite a bit and that has been tricky.  The owner of our favorite restaurant was happy to make me a couple of beautiful dinners that were compliant so that was great. I do want to get back to just being able to eat what I want though so again I come back to my reintroduction.

Do you think I'll be able to accurately asses my reintroduction while I'm feeling ill? I won't introduce alcohol until I'm better and it is usually what triggers stuffiness. I feel like I won't have a reaction to legumes or grains (gluten free anyway).  I think if anything dairy might be a trigger so would it be ok to keep that until the last and by then I should be feeling fine even though I'll still be on the antibiotics.

Does this sound ok for a reintroduction? Day 1 (today) legumes, Day 4 - non gluten grains, Day 7 - Alcohol (its a night out with friends), Day 10 - Gluten grains, Day 13 - Dairy


Thank you,


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Yes, this sounds fine, although the sinus infection may mask any other symptoms...

I'd be wary of dairy in particular as it will likely impact your respiratory system, and is often associated with eczema.

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