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I'm on day 6 and have just found this feature so will endeavour to check in every now (at least with meals) and then as a form of self assessment

So yesterday's meals:

BF: 2 ghee sauteed scrambled eggs, spinach, strawberries and black pepper (ghee sauteed strawberries are amazing!)

L: huge green salad with butter lettuce, cucmber, capers, lemony caper vinaigrette, sweet potato and salmon fishcakes and spicy jalapeno coconut mayo

D: more fishcakes (I know but I really love them!) with crispy cumin, cinnamon and thyme roasted butternut squash and pumkpin seeds, artichokes, red pepper and leafy things with my herby, lemony, capery dressing

drinks: loooooads of water (mainly in the form of oht water with lemon slices and fizzy mineral water), couple decaff coffees

snacks: lettuce and cucumber dipped in spicy mayo while I was making dinner

Since yesterday I've been looking into fodmaps and maybe restricting them for a while (or whole of whole30 with reintroduction) as I seem to be experiencing puffiness and bloating. I'm also looking at increasing starchy veg a bit. Aaaand I'm also looking at taking a bit more time out. I'm determined to do whole30 justice as even though I'm feeling heavier I'm also seeing a lack of cravings and I'm sure it will help thwart the adrenal fatigue and generally help my hormones. And hopefully, once I'm feeling a it more with it, my athletic performance.... At this very moment in time I'm missing my second race of the year - a half marathon :( . I'm realllly hopeful that this process will help

Copied and pasted from a post I put up yesterday in troubleshooting:        "A bit of history... Over the past few years I've thrown myself head first into all sorts of diets all with relatively good success... paleo, primal, perfect health diet, plantbased, high carb low fat vegan, raw vegan, low carb, all mostly out of curiosity and to see if I could help my running and recovery along. This time last year I was following a raw vegan diet and was doing really quite well but then I started experiencing health issues. I found some fantastic info through Denise minger's website rawfoodsos.com which made me realise I'd been following a doctrine that really wasn't too good for me. So I went back to high ish carb vegan and then paleo ish (still with loads of raw veggies) and started to feel better and my running and racing was pretty good with a great 100k race and a good time in a half marathon. Then I started learning about ultra runners who are fat adapted and thought I'd give it a go to see if it could make me run for more sustained periods without having to carb up. So I went low carb and then keto all while training at a low base rate. Then in november last year I ran a surprisingly fast and strong 10k while fat adapted. With the benefit of hindsight I think this is when I broke myself (set off the wheels for adrenal fatigue) as I didn't replace the glycogen from the really quite hard effort and just carried on with keto. By December I was starting to feel burned out and my running and general energy was lacking.[oh I need to say too that I'm a mum of four, run a pretty successful home based business, run most days (well I did before I broke myself) and am/was generally healthy] . I was craving energy so decided to go back to what I was good at (and had given me good results in the past) and went hclf. But after a few weeks this wasn't helping either and I was thinking that it might be the anaemia I tend to suffer with. So in January I decided to do keto properly (I thought maybe I hadn't done it properly or something before). The first few weeks were okay and my energy was lowish but I expected that so wasn't too worried. I practiced intermittent fasting and didn't feel too hungry (apart from just before meals when i was ravenous). As my energy wasn't picking up I decided to do an extended fast to kick my bod into some sort of shape. I felt pretty good during the fast (72 hours) and even managed a run at the end of it as my stomach felt happy for the first time in weeks (no heavy feeling) and my energy levels seemed to be coming back... yay! Alas it didn't last. Once I went back to keto eating I just couldn't stomach the meals. The fatty foods were making me feel sick and my morning bpc went out the window (nearly literally!) So I added more carbs in but still no energy. then out of desperation I went back to plantbased for a week which gave me a bit more energy but not great. And then I found It starts With Food last week and thought Yessssssss! What a revelation - and it makes perfect sense.

But even though I'm eating according to the Whole30 plan, I'm finding that I'm gaining weight. This is really quite demoralising. I realise I'm not training at the moment (apart from around half an hour every other day of uphill walking on a treadmill and half an hour of kettlebells and maybe a little stretching). And it's starting to get me down. If there's anyone out there that's still actually reading this and can give me some pointers I'd be most grateful. Here's what an average day's food looks like... Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with loads of sauteed spinach and a couple strawberries (sounds odd but is so good!), lunch: huuuuge salad with palm sized protein and homemade mayo/vinaigrette, also sometimes half an avo, dinner: similar to lunch but normally with less salad and more cooked veggies. No snacks. loads of water (mainly in the of hot water with slices of lemon), 1 or 2 decaff coffees.

Ugh I never realised how a bit of extra weight can have such an effect on me. If it's one of those things that will pan out then I can go with it. But at the moment my heart is telling me just to eat less. Or revert back to a high carb diet. I need energy. And I need less of me!"

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