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I did my first Whole 30 last June and did fairly well. I'm looking to do my second on May 1st and just finished 'It Starts With Food,' which I absolutely loved. However, I noticed in some of the recipes provided that they use coconut aminos. I'm curious what purpose they serve - are they a thickening agent, a dairy replacement, etc. Also curious to know it's consistency and taste. Thanks! 

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They're a 'soy sauce' type substitute but not made with soy.

They are among the same family as soy sauce and fish sauce... the type of seasoning that gives a bit of an umami taste.

If you can't find them tho, most recipes are fine without, just add a touch more salt to taste.

You can also use them for sushi (I bring my own when I go to sushi restaurants), but they're not so identical that you won't realize it's not actually soy sauce.

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