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I can't tell if I'm hungry

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It is Day 30 of my whole thirty. Since Day 26 (Friday) I have been sick. n Friday I had the most horrible attack of heartburn for about an hour and then I threw up. I haven't had any nausea since.

But every time I ate or drank something my stomach would churn--it felt like I had knives in there--then it felt like I had rocks tumbling around. I am a sahm and my husband was home, so I got to sleep a lot. I drank some turkey broth yesterday and has some chicken soup I'd made for lunch on Friday.

Last night I got up at 1 am (I'd been asleep since about 5pm) and made some mashed sweet potatoes and carrots--about 1/2 cup?I went back to bed about 2am. Slept 10 hours. Now it is noon, and my stomach feels strange. I could be hungry. My stomach (yes, the area under my breasts) has lost that tight taughtness it had.

Any advice about how to proceed from here?

I have decided to extend my whole 30 to Nov 7th. I feel like I've been robbed. :( I'm also quite confused dissappointed. Why did I get sick while following this protocol? Isn't eating this way supposed to help?

ETA: I should have titled this: I am afraid to eat. I really am. I think I need encouragement, more than advice.

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Guess I shouldn't have picked a hurricane day to have a melt down! Sorry for the whine.

I was waiting for a reply to see what would be advised about what to eat and when that didn't come, I made supper. White fish, broiled with lemon pepper. rutabaga fries (which my son loves, thank goodness!) sauteed sugar snap peas, mushrooms and onion and a roasted acorn squash--oh and raw baby carrots from the garden.

Oh my, I was hungry. There was no mistaking what I was feeling, thank goodness. After supper, I did feel a tiny bit like I'd overdone it but I went out to do errands for three hours and my goodness, I even had the stamina to deal with putting away the groceries when I got home. Amazing, really.

I've just had a snack of chopped hard boiled egg and avocado and I'll be going to bed shortly. My tummy feels a bit tender but I'm definitely in the land of the living. My bounce is back and there's pep in my step!

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Hi Alana!

Sorry there was no one to respond to you!! To answer your question about why you got sick:

Whole30 is awesome. It's fantastic. It will, especially in the long run, improve your body's ability to fight off sickness. It is not, however, magic. Everyone gets sick sometimes. This is something I struggle with as a mom - my kiddos rarely get sick, but everytime they do, I fight the urge to look for somewhere I slacked in controlling their diet. That just won't do. Life happens, sickness happens. Stress opens your body to it and makes it worse. When it happens we just have to do everything we can to get better.

Glad things are looking up for you!!

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