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Meal Template and Sauces/Condiments


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I'm wondering how sauces and condiments are supposed to fit into/onto the meal template (if at all). Two reasons:

1. I've found myself adding things like ketchup and dressings with some added sugar back in post-Whole30 and want to make sure I don't overdo it. Ketchup isn't nearly as fatty as dressing, though, so does it count as a vegetable? (That seems comical.) Or are the calories minor enough that I just shouldn't worry about it at all? (That is hard to believe.)

2. Speaking of dressing, I sometimes struggle to incorporate enough fat into each meal, so I'm wondering if something like Tessemae's ranch or red pepper sauce (olive oil, red peppers, spices) should count as fat since most dressings and things of that nature are oil or mayo-based. Those would fall into the oils and butters category, right?

I've done a few Whole30s but during this one (and now during re-intro) I am REALLY trying to focus on sticking to the meal template to keep myself on track in an off-track, crazy reintroduction world :) .  I feel like I haven't paid enough attention to it in the past.

(I also just found myself asking myself "Potatoes count as vegetables, right? :blink:" and like kind of panicking. Haha... Must be the sugar in the ketchup talking.)

Thanks for your feedback!

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Condiments are just condiments. They're extra things you add for flavor. They don't "count" as anything. If you find yourself adding more and more and more ketchup to things over time, then be concerned, but if you're having ketchup sometimes because you like the flavor, and you're not having entire bottles at once, you're probably okay. 

Dressings and sauces that are oil- or mayo-based do count as fats, although depending on how you use them, you may not be adding enough for a full fat serving. But yes, think of them the way you would any other oil.  

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