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My Food Freedom log


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I finished my Whole30 a few days ago and attempted a reintro that went wild pretty quickly. I have decided to do a Whole7 and give another go to reintoduction, but my most important goal is to work towards food freedom and finding a way of eating that works for me. This thread will initially be a log of my Whole7+reintro, as well as a journal of my learning journey


M1: scrambled eggs, carrots & nectarine

M2: raas al hanout&cinnamon grilled chicken + summer salad (tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, spinach)

M3: summer salad (tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, spinach) with canned tuna

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Day 2:

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms + nectarine

M2: big salad (tomatoes, red onion, green pepper, spinach, carrot, radish) + turkey fillet


Note: I've been having an awful rash since saturday- I don't know if it's the sofa (I spent a fair amount of my weekend netflix&chilling), the new foods I reintroduced after finishing my Whole30 (gluten, non-gluten grains, dairy and sugar) or the stress. I'm hoping it will go away in the coming days so I can do a proper reintro and test what it is that messes up with my skin

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M3 (from yesterday): grilled portobello mushrooms & pointed cabbage with spicy coconut aminos vinagrette and chimichurri respectively

Day 3:

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms +  1/2 avocado + nectarine

M2: big salad (tomatoes, yellow pepper, spinach, carrot, radish) + turkey burgers

M3: bamieh stew with lamb

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M1: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms +  1/2 avocado + nectarine, carrot & blueberries

M2: leftover lamb from yesterday's dinner sautées with tomato sauce, green beans and onions

M3: cherry tomatoes & avocado + green olives + strawberries

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Day 5:

M1: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms +  nectarine + mixed nuts

M2: turkey fillet + big salad

M3: steamed broccoli&cauliflower + roasted pepper + smoked kipper

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  • 3 weeks later...

Note: a couple of weeks were enough to go off rails- I don't do well with my judgement and no clear lines. But I will try again until I make it work. The challenge: 30 days of food freedom. The principles:

  1. When eating at home, no processed foods: no dairy, no grains in any form- keep it mostly whole30 compliant
  2. When eating out, the most whole30 compliant I can within reason; if I'm out with friends and I really want something non-compliant (pizza, a drink) go for it with moderation.
  3. Don't count calories, not even mentally and stop obsessing about carbs and fat. Stick to real food and don't overthink.
  4. Reconnect with my real hunger: only 3 meals a day, no snacking. And most importantly, whenever I'm about to eat something carefully think if I'm doing it because I'm hungry or because I can/want to eat. No more eating out of boredom/comfort not even compliant foods. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND DIFFICULT ONE- mention it on my everyday log.
  5. Exercise every day. No excuses. The aim is to regain that feeling of empowerment and to love my body for all it can do and the progress it makes rather than for what it looks like.

My parents are coming to town for graduation and staying a week and we are going to be eating out more than usual- this is going to be fun!

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Day 1

  1. Food: orange juice / eggplant and turkey mince + cherry tomatoes + berries / necatarine / mushroom and scrambled eggs
  2. Evaluated real hunger before eating. Around 4pm I wanted to eat something sweet or crunchy but I identified it as craving and decided not to
  3. Long walk

I'm really happy with how this 1st day turn out, I managed to keep all of my principles. One day at a time!

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Day 2

  1. Food: started off good, messed up after lunch. avo on toast / turkey burgers & salad / toasts, emmental, nectarines, mango, kitkat
  2. I binged after lunch out of boredom..kept eating long after feeling full
  3. Kayla week 4 leg&cardio workout + 20min yoga


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I have one bit of advice for you regarding food freedom....rather than saying you "messed up"...think of it as a "choice".  You made a choice to eat the toast and cheese and kit kat.  In that moment it was worth it.  Was it?

Using this language and thought process in my food freedom has helped me tremendously.

Good luck to you.


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Day 3

  1. Food: pisto manchego with ground turkey / nectarine / pizza with the family: I'm happy with the choices I made today. I enjoyed both meals and felt in control the whole time
  2. Real hunger, I didn't eat out of boredom
  3. 15min HIIT & 20min yoga
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