Reintroduction Day 1...Dairy


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Yesterday was my last day of whole30 woohoo..Overall I woke up feeling great and lost 8 pounds during this whole 30.


Anywho today I decided to introduce dairy.  Now this morning before I woke up my tummy was bothering me a little and had a little diarrhea (sorry tmi) however this morning  I had a iced coffee with low fat milk and since then my tummy was feeling a little better.

For lunch  I had a mostly compliant salad except I added gorgonzola.  Its been about an hour and so far I feel fine..  Am I safe or does it take more time?

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You're supposed to have two days of whole30 eating between reintroductions, in case there are any effects that aren't obvious immediately.

Symptoms can appear quickly after consuming something, or could take a little longer, or could be dose-dependent, so maybe a little cheese on a salad causes no noticeable symptoms today, but having a bunch of cheese at once, or even just small amounts every day, could cause symptoms later. Everyone is different. 

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