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Recommendations for getting through the last Week and the re-introduction phase

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 Today is day 21 for me and I'm feeling in a slump, with mostly negative thoughts about Whole30.  

Right now all my clothes fit the same, currently having sleep issues and feeling tired and headachy.  I'm on my cycle (which is longer with more severe) so I do know some of these symptoms should pass in a couple days, but does anyone have any recommendations to get through the last week with a positive attitude, as my enthusiasm has slowly started to drop off?  I really don't have any NSVs to focus on since I didn't start whole30 with with any obvious issues (no digestive, immune, skin issues, etc), but my motivation for starting was to jumpstart weight loss (which I don't think has happened yet) and to develop permanent, mindful healthy eating habits.   

Any tips on how to stay positive towards the end?  Unfortunately as I'm getting closer to the end, my focus has shifted from how proud I am to be doing whole30 to how excited I am to be done, and I know this isn't a good mental mindset for me as this could lead to a weekend of splurging.  Day 31 falls on a Saturday and I'm going to a concert with a large group of friends.  I'm trying to mentally prepare for this concert and my friends, but I'm 28 and live in Denver, and my friends are raging social beer-a-holics (we're in multiple drinking kickball leagues together, and weekends typically consist of brewery hopping), I'm actually stressing about my transition.  Any advice on how to stay positive the last week and gracefully handle transitioning from whole30 to the "real world"?  

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You still have nine days to go, and it's possible you'll see some changes in those last 9 days. Some people notice most of their changes in the last week or so, so hang in there, don't quit when the magic might be just around the corner.

It's pretty normal to start being bored/ready to be done with this around this point. Hang in there. Find a new recipe that you really want to try, or make one that's been a favorite, or just have a meal that sounds really good to you -- for instance, my go-to meal when I'm bored and want something that feels special is something like a steak, grilled zuchhini, and roasted sweet potato with mayo or ranch dressing for dipping, it's just a meal that always sounds good, and sort of special because I don't buy steak often, so if there's a meal like that that you can think of for yourself, try that. If nothing sounds good, try browsing the Well Fed site -- her food pictures always make me want to go cook something.

I did look at your previous topic on bloating from a few days ago, and while the things that might cause bloating were pointed out, something I noticed was that there didn't seem to be any starchy vegetables at all. Most people do best with about a fist-sized serving of some kind of starchy vegetable each day, and many people find having it at their final meal of the day helps them sleep better at night, so you might try that. Starchy vegetables are things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash, and root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, beets, and turnips. 

Also be sure you're drinking plenty of water and salting your food to taste -- sometimes being dehydrated or getting your electrolytes out of whack from not enough salt can contribute to headaches and tired feeling.

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