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Accountability log... one day at a time!


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I promised this time that I would keep a log of what I'm eating during Whole30 (take 2). Not only for the accountability it will provide but because I think it will keep me from getting too bored recipe-wise!

Day 1:

Breakfast - 2 eggs, olive oil, spinach, applesauce

Snack - walnuts and a banana

Lunch - Salmon, olive oil, sweet potato, zucchini (and I got a walk outside in too!)

Workout - 45 minute spin class

Dinner - Salmon, olive oil, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes

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I had a perfectly wonderful night sleep in between day 1 and day 2, 8 hours of amazing restful sleep, just what my body needed to keep the momentum going!

Day 2:

Workout - 3.5 mile run

Breakfast - 2 eggs, spinach, banana, applesauce

Lunch - Herbed Beef Stew

Snack - almonds and raisins

Dinner - Chicken sautéed with coconut oil, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg

Day 3:

Breakfast - Herbed Beef Stew

Snack - almonds and raisins

Workout - 3.5 mile run

Lunch - Chicken with salsa

Snack - apple and almond butter

Dinner - Herbed Beef Stew

Spent a few hours today researching recipes and planning meals, I'm so excited about some of the great things I have planned. Headed out to Wegmans now, and then back to get cookin!

My mom, who is also trying the Whole30 is visiting for the day tomorrow, so excited to hear how things are going for her.

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Hi kath, I'm just about to finish my first day 3. How are you finding the running? I did 6 miles yesterday and woke up really flat today, not sure if it was the run or just day 3....

I'm definitely feeling lethargic on my runs, but I think that is just my body detoxing, I'm hoping that into week 2 I will start to feel better again. I did my first whole30 a month and a half ago and didn't worry about the fitness portion, I just focused on the nutrition. This time around I am very interested to see how the combo goes!

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I spent the night of my third day and a portion of Day 4 prepping meals for the week, and I am so excited for the delicious food I have in store! I found most of what I will be indulging in this week on a great recipe blog (http://paleomg.com/) be sure to check it out, there are great photos plus the recipes are quick, easy to read, and printable!

Day 4:

Workout - Run 2 miles and then abs

Breakfast - banana and chicken meatloaf (recipe from Paleomg!)

IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN WNY - so I took a 4 mile walk with my mom :)

Lunch - spinach, beet, turkey, and pecan salad from the Organic Cafe in my neighborhood

Snack - cashews and a banana

Dinner - meatballs, tomato sauce, sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash

Day 5:

Mini Workout - great 15 minute little workout I found on Pinterest (http://www.fitfabcities.com/2012/01/17/printable-5-4-3-2-1-workout-cardio-and-weights/)

Breakfast - breakfast loaf (recipe from Paleomg!) and banana

Snack - few pecans and raisins

Lunch - 2 mile walk (in what is likely to be the last 60+ degree day in a long time) followed by twice baked sweet potatoes with ground turkey (recipe from Paleomg!) - delicious!!!

Snack - few pecans and raisins

Mini Workout #2 - Repeat of this morning

Dinner - Chicken, green beens, carrot crock pot meal

I think that I'm relying on fruit a little too much, I am going to try and work on that moving into days 6-10. I'm also thinking that my snacking is a result of boredom rather than hunger, need to pay attention to that too!

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Day 6

Workout - 2 x15 minute crossfit style workouts

Breakfast - banana and beef crock pot meal

Snack - pecans and raisins

Lunch - chicken, green been, carrot crock pot meal

Workout - 3 mile jog

Dinner - spaghetti squash, spinach, meatballs, tomato sauce

Snack - peach

Day 7

Mini Workout - 15 minute pinterest workout

Breakfast - banana and breakfast loaf

Snack - almonds and raisins

Lunch - twice beaked sweet potato

Dinner - chicken, green been, carrot crock pot meal

Snack - blueberry, strawberry, raspberry with cinnamon and coconut oil

Filling out the Food for Thought worksheet that I received in the daily emails, I'm really happy with how I have been feeling and sleeping but I'm looking forward to redefining my goals for the next three weeks. Too much fruit is at the top of the list!

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I have a fruit and nut demon so I have been limiting fruit to once a day or less and nuts to 30g... It hasn't been as hard as I thought. My top priority was to eat less often and I think that has gone okay, other than the first few days I am only snacking if I need a Pre or post WO meal. Sleep has been a problem for me. I am looking forward to seeing the day 7 email!

Keep up your great efforts!

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Day 8, 9, and 10 were on the road visiting friends. Which means I was a little looser with things than I would have preferred, but for me the anxiety that comes with food and social situations is better handled when I don't worry about being restrictive in certain ways. Which means that some rice, corn, and oats did make it into my weekend. Although my stomach was a little angry, overall I was glad that I was able to stay away from alcohol, added sugar, gluten and white potatoes. I'm excited for three days of clean followed by Thanksgiving, which my Mom is making as Whole30 friendly as she can.

For me this second Whole30 feels better mentally than the last, I'm not beating myself up but instead am trying to have my thoughts as healthy and loving as the foods I put into my body. I understand that it may not be in the spirit of the Whole30 but it is in the spirit of what I need at this time of the year, and in my food journey.

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