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Sarah's whole 30


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So my friend and I have decided to start the whole 30 tomorrow. I have been paleo/primal for a while now but probably sitting around 80% and have noticed cravings creeping in and not feeling so great so am hoping by doing this I will feel much better and also shape up a little (I'm not overweight but would like to shift some body fat from my lower half), I also don't want to be thinking about food all the time and just feel satisfied.

To be honest my struggles will be dairy ( I love to snack on some Greek yoghurt in the evenings) and alcohol (I'm not a big drinker but do like a drink or 3 when I socialize with friends), the rest of the food I'm fine with, don't miss the grains at all. I think the hardest part of this lifestyle for me has also been about embracing the fat, I suppose I worry I'm just eating too much after surviving for many years on low calories but that's why I'm doing this - for freedom to enjoy food but be lean and strong and healthy at the same time.

Setting my alarm to hit the gym in the am (I love working out) and am hoping to document my food daily to help stay on track and be accountable, so it's bye for now and I will be back tomorrow...........

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Ok so day 1 went well. I don't count calories but I do wear a heart rate monitor when I exercise and today I weight trained legs, burned 580 cals in the hour.

Food went like this:


3 egg omelette cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil with mushrooms, red capsicum, spring onion, 1/4 avo and coffee w coconut milk

Black coffee


Rocket, carrot, tomato, red capsicum, mushrooms, chicken and 1 tsp olive oil and vinegar, 1/4 avo


Rocket, tomato, 8 almonds, sauerkraut, 1 tbspn mayonnaise, tuna in chilli oil

1 frozen banana with 1/4 cup coconut milk ( mashed like ice cream)

I noticed I actually didn't get hungry as such today, it was more I wanted to eat if that makes sense. I did feel like something after dinner so that's why I had the banana combo, but am thinking I may need more carbs as feeling a bit light headed, energy is fine and feeling ok, starting to feel a bit peckish but that could be due to the banana or habit.

Not sure if I really ate enough or not, I probably could get away with eating more maybe, since I workout and a mum so always on the go? Any thoughts or advice?

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Set my alarm to exercise early as usual and could literally not get out of bed. Severd DOMS in my legs and butt, so went back to sleep and thought I would workout later after moving around all day - it didn't happen. I did walk my son to school and pushed mum around in her wheelchair at the shops for a couple of hours but no formal exercise, which is unusual for me, but hey I do have a life that sometimes gets in the way.

I will be setting my alarm nice and early for tomorrow morning and going to spin (if hubby gets home from shift work in time, otherwise I will do something from home).


Breakfast - Smoothie (2 eggs, Kale, frozen banana, 1/4 avo) was in a real hurry

Lunch - Sashimi with salad (asked for no dressing but they put it on so not sure what was really in it but I did my best) + Mayo

Dinner - (so hungry by this stage) slow cooked goat curry w zucchini, carrot and sweet potato. Stil hungry so bowl of berries with coconut milk and shredded coconut and coffee with coconut milk.

I think the coffee has finally done it for me and I'm now content, although I am thinking about chocolate and wine but its probably because I let myself get hungry and a bit light headed again and am also tired, not physically but mentally, well maybe a bit of both LOL

Feeling a bit guilty for missing my exercise session, I really don't like to miss them but I am trying to listen more to my body these days.

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Day 3:

Spin class burnt 444 cals in 45 mins

Breakfast: tuna in chilli oil, pumpkin, coffee w splash coconut milk

In between had another coffee w coconut milk and a bottle of coconut water

Lunch: spinach, tomato, cucumber, 1 tbsp mayo and crispy skinned salmon, mango

Dinner: 2 fish patties, coleslaw, coffee w coconut milk

Snack: egg whites w coconut flakes ( weird I know but craving something sweet and light)

Still craving chocolate and wine, think its got more to do with fact I can't have it. Not to pleased with today, think I could have done better, seem to be bloated so maybe it was the coleslaw (it was all homemade), maybe I didn't eat enough today, didn't feel as satisfied and I'm using coffee for a crutch, I have to cut down.

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