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1 hour ago, Scott W said:

 Well day 30 is finally here, and I will take my measurements and weight tomorrow. I expect them to be encouraging,  however, at this point I am just simply amazed at how I feel in my attitude and the fact that I have not had any alcohol for 30 days. I feel great and I'm going to do another 30 days. 

This is great!

However, i would really urge you to plan reintroductions, whether that's now or 30 days from now. There will at some point be a time when you have some food that is not Whole30, either because you are in a situation where you just don't have options, or you're in a situation where something just sounds too incredible to pass up. When you get into one of these situations, it's good to have some idea how foods affect you, so that you make an informed decision. You can still eat whole30 after reintros, its just good to have that knowledge of how foods affect you going forward. 

There's an explanation of reintroductions here:

And more about life after Whole30 here:

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Day 30. I feel like I should feel confident and strong in the face of non-compliant food, but I'm actually pretty fearful of the re-introduction period. I spent all last weekend fantasizing about the food I'd eventually be able to have this week, after I thought I'd gotten through the worst of the food-craving period. I question the amount of control I'll be able to maintain.

Trying to focus on being proud of the progress I've made so far. Hopefully my weigh-in will be motivation enough tomorrow to not dive face-first into a tub of ice cream.

Well done to everyone who's made progress towards their goals this month :) 

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