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Pacific Catch - can someone advise on these dishes?


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My husband and I enjoy going to Pacific Catch (https://pacificcatch.com/menu/_occasionally to hang out, have some poke, a glass of wine and watch the Giants game.  With my W30, I've just avoided this treat as our favorite poke is made with soy sauce.  I'm coming to the last week of my W30 and I am seriously considering extending to a W90 which would take me to about a week before Thanksgiving.  With that, I would like to put our weekend trip to Pacific Catch back on the table.  I've been taking a look at their site and menu and I think there are items that I can order and stay compliant (substituting Peligrino and lemon for the wine).  Can someone take a look and let me know if I'm the right track: 

Items I think are OK/Compliant:
Serrano Poke:  ahi tuna, sweet onions, spicy aioli, serrano chilies -????
   ** I looked up aioli and it should be olive oil and garlic but then I looked up spicy aioli looks like it may be made with mayo - I guess I should skip this one =(
Probably better off with these options:
Ahi Tuna Salad:  seared ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, daikon sprouts, ginger, sesame seeds, soy-wasabi vinaigrette (order with no dressing)
Wasabi Ahi Sandwich (order w/out bread): seared ahi, ginger-wasabi aioli, avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger
Mahi Mahi Sandwich (order w/out bread):  spice rubbed mahi mahi, avocado, tomato, red onion, citrus aioli
  ** Ask about or just skip the citrus aioli
For the Mahi Mahi sandwich, I am guessing I should ask how they prepare their spice rub, what about the Ahi Salad and Sandwich, do I need ask how they sear the tuna?  Anything I'm forgetting that I should double check?
A plus I found is they use sustainably sourced seafood, partner with companies with responsible methods of catching wild fish, and farmed fisheries that raise fish under the most environmentally friendly growing conditions and who use quality feed, free of antibiotics and hormones and support local fisherman and farmers by providing local products when seasonality and availability permits.
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You'd need to ask the following:

how is the tuna marinated if at all?

how is it cooked? Oils?

What's in the ginger/wasabi aioli?  Most wasabi powder is not compliant

What's in the spice rub?  It almost 100% has sugar in it

What is the aioli made with? does it have soy oil or sugar in it?


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