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Post Whole 30 Messed Up Stomach


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So, my Whole 30 was over, and I noticed my bowel movements were still irregular and I kind of had some diarrhea, which I never had previously on my regular diet. Now that I'm off whole 30, after reintroduction, my stomach is WAY WORSE. It was kind of hard to tell when I did reintroduction what caused it, because I was never regular, but post reintroduction period,  I made some kraft macaroni and cheese and I just about died after, it literally almost killed me, I felt like I had some food poisoning. I'm kind of thinking I should do whole 30 again, because my stomach is so messed up now, and maybe take a probiotic. Has anyone had major stomach issues doing whole30? Did you have to do a whole45? Can you recommend a good probiotic supplement?

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