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AFTER Whole30

heidi kelley

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I see all sorts of Q&A, tips, recipes and support on the Whole30 website but no section for 'After Whole30'  I think as important as successfully completing the Whole30 challenge is what you do on day 31.  A 'Day 31 - what now?' section might be beneficial for a lot of people like me!  I understand we are to slowly incorporate different foods to identify which food groups  act as inflammatories for our specific body make-up.  Are there certain things we should look for - i.e. reactions.  What is the spectrum of reactions we should look for?  I am 22 days in to my Whole30 program and do feel good but I am not confident that if I eat a piece of bread, I'll be tuned in enough to understand that it might have some sort of effect on my body. 

Can I also say that my husband has been doing this with me. His resting heart rate has dropped 12 beats per minute and a sufferer of chornic acid reflux for his entire adult life, his Tums consumption has gone from 8 to 10 Tums per day to 3 Tums for the  entire 22 days we have been doing this!!!  It is incredible. 

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There are tonnes of resources. Google "Whole30 Reintroduction" and you'll find the stuff about after. The last link I posted is the link to the portion of the forum that discusses Life After as well. 





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