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Dining out - First time Whole30

Bekah Ortiz

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This weekend I'll be dining out for the first time since starting Whole30 and a little nervous. Most likely my family will be choosing a chain restaurant.

Any ideas on safe meal creations at restaurants? not sure where exactly, I'm hoping to get an answer today on where we're going.

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Hi Bekah!

1. Meat

Order any kind of "steaked" meat (so chicken breast, actual steak, shrimp on the barbie, fish) etc...and ask that they not add any sauces/condiments or additions (sprinkled cheese...) and if they can grill or boil it.

2. Veggies

Order a salad and hold any dressings/additions again, ask for lemon wedges and douse that salad + add salt and pepper! The Side menu is really great for looking at your veggie options - again, just ask if they can grill/boil/steam these without adding anything

I find that you really don't have to be annoying at restaurants - especially for your first Whole30 just simply get "naked" menu items and relax because if something horrible was added (most likely some sort of canola oil) your intention is obviously good, you're not eating obvious grains/sugar/alcohol and you're putting a lot of effort and THOUGHT into your health.

Good luck :)

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