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Best Present ever.......


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I didn't know where to post this, but on the weekend just past i received a little parcel from Amazon. And to my amazement inside was the food "it starts with food" :P

I was soooo happy to receive this book, and from somebody who i didn't even know that well. It truly made my day.

So how did i get said book? Well i'm a part of an online community called "fitocracy". Its kinda like facebook but for fitness people to log workouts, and help each other get motivated for a fit and healthy life.

One of the groups on fitocracy is called "amazon wishlist". I joined the group and made a wishlist and put "it starts with food" amongst other items. And one of my followers(friends) decided to buy it for me for my birthday. I was soooo excited.

I cannot wait to read it and start a new whol30 in the new year.

Just thought i would share my excitement with you all :D

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What a lovely, thoughtful gesture.

Congrats! What a great gift! I wish you luck on your Whole30 and hope to read a lot of updates from you on your progress and your success :)

Thank you :D

I can't wait to read it, and put all the "proper" guidelines into place on my third whole30 in january.

I'm still on a buzz from gettting the present, and it was 5 days ago.

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