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Should I start over?


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So! I'm on my 11th day of Whole30 and things are going swimmingly. I have had almost zero withdrawal symptoms aside from a little bit of energy loss the last few days. Since day one I've had no cravings for pastries (bread is my buddy) and that's saying a lot considering I work in a bakery. I must say, I've felt great. 

I've become obsessed with grocery shopping and checking my labels diligently. I am also HUGE on meal planning. I'll make a huge batch of chilli, soups, salads and I just eat that for the rest of the week and I've worked hard in following the meal template. I am not too hungry during the rest of the day, and eating 3 meals is totally enough! It's been a breeze! 

However, I just realized that on my first day while I was still learning, I went out and bought a flat of chicken stock that has dextrose in it.  I have used this in almost ALL of my stovetop recipes. This really broke my heart. Im feeling like I've just lost a whole 11 days. 

Should I be starting over? Is this the reason why I haven't had any symptoms of withdrawal? 

So sad! 

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For whether or not you should start over, read this and decide for yourself:  https://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/

I doubt there is enough dextrose in the average serving of food cooked with that chicken stock that that has kept you from having any symptoms, but maybe that has something to do with it? I'm not really sure, and everyone is different as far as how they react to different amounts of sugar. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember that you haven't wasted these 11 days, you've still made huge changes for your health. It does really suck when you figure out you've just missed seeing an ingredient on a label or didn't think to check a label that you don't expect to have anything weird in it, but it does reinforce why Whole30 really emphasizes to read labels and ask questions in restaurants -- it's amazing where things like sugar and soy turn up that you'd never think would need them.

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