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Vita Coco Bottled Coconut Milk


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I usually use canned coconut milk exclusively, but I found this at my local grocery the other day, and I *think* the ingredients check out. The only thing that has me curious is the cellulose gel, cellulose gum and the "fortified vitamins and minerals". I did some digging and the consensus seems to be that these ingredients pass, but I figured I would put it out here for confirmation (I want to share with a group I'm leading, but definitely don't want to give them misinformation). Looking forward to starting my 5th Whole30 on January 2!

Pictures attached, but here is the ingredients list for convenience:

Coconut Water
Coconut Cream
Contains less than 2% of stabilizers (cellulose gel and cellulose gum)
Fortified Vitamins and Minerals:
Tricalcium phosphate
Magnesium sulfate
Vitamin A
Zinc Sulfate



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