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Banana "ice cream"


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You guys!!! I have a major sweet tooth and gave into my cravings with some Whole 30 ingredients, a blender and some creativity. Tell me I'm not the only one to do this because it's brilliant and delicious....

1 banana (I used room temperature, but I'm sure frozen would work too)

3 dried prunes (no sugar added)

1 big scoop of almond butter

a dash of unsweetened coconut milk (not too much liquid to keep a more soft serve consistency - add more liquid if you want a smoothie consistency)

Blend everything together for a creamy, frothy and filling sweet tooth temptation killer!!

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Sorry, this is actually specifically called out as absolutely not allowed in the rules of the program.

If you're having a sugar craving, the best thing to do is either ignore it or give it something salty/savory like olives.

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