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Day 3 of feeling well


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Day three and I'm not feeling think I'm eating ok plenty of water an no cheats, sample of meals are 2 scrambled eggs with potatoes an green pepper mix 1coffee with almond milk

10:00 snack banana, 5 grapes small hand of nuts

lunch, chicken salad with homemade mayo , avocado bit, side salad mix with the mayo avocado dressing

dinner 6 turkey meatballs, steam broccoli, garlic potatoes

small fruit, pretty much the same added green beans one day chicken stir fry with peppers, same lunch

breakfast with eggs and potatoes  anything I should change.? I feel full but an hour later I'm shakey til next meal, now I was a heavy sugar additict help

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Up your eggs to at least three and add another fat to your breakfast. Between meals if you are hungry, stick to protein and fat. The fruit is just causing blood sugar spikes which can contribute to your hunger and shakes.

I can't really tell what the rest of your post is referring to, if they are meals on the same day or a different day? Basically make sure you are eating enough!

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