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Crazy high heart rate during long slow run


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Today I did a 2.5 hour run and the tempetures ranged between 10 an 20 degrees.  I am on day 6 of my first Whole30.   I really, really struggled with this run.  I have been sick with a cold for about a week and although my cough has gotten a bit better I am still not great.  I also felt like I had really low energy, which i hear can happen.  I was not sure if the low energy was from the cold (illness) or the cold (temperature) or the lack of carbs/sugar I am consuming as I adjust to the new diet.  Perhaps a combo of all of that?   My questions today lies with a CRAZY HIGH heart rate I had during my run.  With the slow pace I was running my HR typically would have been in the 130's and 140's but this run averaged in the 170's!  Some of the run i was in the 180's and maxed out in the 190's!   This would be more typical of a suer hard 5K race not a long super slow (13 min mile) trail run.  I didn't really notice my HR was high and wasn't looking at my watch because it was under 3 layers of clothing.  I know i was struggling so maybe it was that high?  OR maybe it was not working right because of the cold? other than the run HR the rest of the day looks normal.   Has anyone else experienced a super high HR on seemingly easy long run?  OR does anyone know if this could happen due to lower than 'normal' carbs?   Here's my HR data from today.   Also, my resting HR seems a bit high too...it's usually about 56. 


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You were running in more layers of clothing than usual, in cold which is harder to function in, after being sick, on a day in the course of Whole30 that is described on the timeline as "I just want a nap" -- a higher than normal heart rate would not be unheard of. If you felt okay at the time, and feel okay now, I wouldn't worry too much, although if you are concerned (or obviously if you have underlying medical issues which make this more of a concern than it might be for an average person) you could always talk to your doctor about it. If it keeps happening for weeks and weeks, then you would definitely be more concerned.

As far as the carbs, one of the things Whole30 will accomplish is to help your body be able to more easily draw on fat supplies for fuel, rather than the quick hit of energy that comes from carbs. Try to keep the carbs as either part of meals, or as post-workout recovery food, not as a pre-workout fast energy source.

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Julie, I think it is easy for people to underestimate the drastic changes brought about in your body by Whole 30.  

You are doing your FIRST Whole 30 ... transitioning from all of the typical things a "sugar burner" uses to fuel runs.

AND training for your first 50k on January 20 -- day 20 of your Whole 30.  (31.25 miles, right?)

Your body is stressed.  Between the sickness, the training, and the Whole 30... it is stressed.  And clearly letting you know, as evidenced by your heart rate.  

Whole 30 is a time to slow down, a time to refocus on yourself.  To rest.  A lot.  It's a time to heal.  And it's a big job -- all by itself.  It's a time to be forgiving with yourself.  It's a time to listen to your body and respect what it is telling you.

You may reach a point where you have to decide which of these two goals is most important to you.   One of them may just have to wait.  

If you decide to push on -- it would be good for you to post your food here and get some feedback from others.   You may need to be eating A LOT more carbs than you currently are, and a lot more food in general.  

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Yes, I think I do need to eat more carbs.  I read all this about not 'snacking' and eating just your three meals and I think I need to put that aside and fuel like I would before Whole30 (timing wise) just with Whole30 foods.  Today I ran 15 and it went a lot better, it was hilly and we stopped a lot for photos, to navigate, etc. so it took 3 hours and 30 minutes.  HR average was 152, which was better but still seems high for the pace and effort.  


 I am definitely going to be doing both the race and the Whole30 so thats a moot point.  However this was my last long running weekend before the race.  Next week is only 1 hour 30 min so I wont really need to fuel.  Part of the problem with these long rungs is you pretty  much miss lunch.   So today I ate more:

B:  Chicken sausage, 2 eggs, potatoes, avocado, and coffee w/ coconut cream 

15 min before run on drive there: Lara bar

During Run: fruit puree pouch and 'just2' fruit bar  - on race day I will add dates and lara bars and maybe some (controversial) fruit juice in my drop bag.  

Right after run in the car on the drive home: Hot tea,  Chomps beef stick, RX bar, dried mango

After the 1 hour drive home: 2 chicken sausage, homemade ketchup mixed with caesar dressing, and fingerling potatoes w/ Ghee

D: (will be)  steak, spinach salad with grape tomatoes, cashews, and ranch and a baked potato w/ ghee and avocado 

This amount of food felt SO much better!!!   I am sitting her writing this and I am not hungry and not craving  mac and cheese and chips and salsa! :) 


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