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‘Vegetarian’ help with ingredients


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I am not an actual vegetarian, I just have texture issues with most meat. Most of my protein will be from eggs.... except I also have an issue with eggs... 

If I make a recipe using eggs (such as holding veggies together with it etc) that will still count? 

For some reason, I’m picturing eggs as needing to eat them ‘whole’ (hard boiled, or poached for example). 

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Yes, eggs used in recipes count -- remember that a serving of eggs if they're your only protein is as many eggs as you can hold in your hand which is usually 3-4 for most people, so keep that in mind as you look for recipes.

How do you feel about salmon? The texture of these salmon cakes is not very meat-like, and they have a nice flavor:  http://meljoulwan.com/2014/11/10/oven-fried-salmon-cakes/ 

You might also like these:  https://meljoulwan.com/2011/08/18/comfort-noodles/ -- there are definite bits of egg, but they're pretty well mixed in with the zucchini, so it might be less noticeable?

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