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PWO makes me not hungry


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Hi All! 


I am new to Whole30. I am really trying hard to get the PWO meal in... but I find that when I eat it, I am not hungry for dinner. I workout from 3-430ish each day. I like to eat dinner around 7. Am I cutting it too close? Should I miss the PWO and just wait until dinner? Having dinner earlier means that I would not eat with my family.


Help! :huh:

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What kind of workouts are you doing? Post-WO is most important for really intense workouts. It doesn't need to be a huge amount of food -- a couple of bites of chicken, and maybe a couple of bites of a starchy vegetable, although you can definitely skip the starchy vegetable as post-WO and have that with dinner or another meal instead. If you're working out, you probably need at least a fist-sized serving of some kind of starchy vegetable each day, possibly more.

This talks about post-WO foods, what you should have, and a little about why:  http://whole9life.com/2015/02/eat-post-workout/

Some of this is up to you. The recommendation for post-WO is just a recommendation, because that's how people generally get the best results. You could try not having it, but if you find after a few days or a week that you're not recovering from your workouts, or that you're more tired than usual, you'd want to add them back in. 

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