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Sudden nausea after normal breakfast?

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Hi all.

I haven't officially started my W30 yet because I have set my start date for Feb. 3 (reasons -- trust me it makes sense to do it that way), but I have been experimenting with meal composition and getting a handle on meal-prep, etc. So you could say I'm doing a "soft start" before going in whole hog (kind of like reintroduction phase but in reverse). In any case the past week or so my breakfast has usually been a version of bulletproof coffee (coffee w/ vanilla bean ghee, cinnamon, & keto collagen protein + MCT powder), eggs w/ herbs, sliced avocado, & some sweet potato. I have been fine with this breakfast & have eaten these foods my whole life without issue. The BPC is new-ish to my diet but it's been about 2-3 weeks on it and I haven't had any reactions.

Today I had my BPC without issue (I have a long commute so usually drink my BPC on the commute and then eat my breakfast first thing when I get to work). One bite of breakfast = fine. Bite #2 = sudden terrible nausea. I almost threw up right then and there. My body was all, "NOOOOOPE!"

This has never happened before. I stopped eating right away and snagged a bit of candied ginger (totally off-limits but I haven't started W30 officially yet and I did not want to yuke all over my desk :) --after my start date I will just munch on straight ginger slices). The ginger helped but I am scared to go after my eggs again... but I also don't want to skip breakfast!

It is absolutely impossible that I am pregnant so it's not that.

The eggs tasted fine and did not seem old/off/bad. The only difference is today I was out of sweet potato so my breakfast was just eggs cooked in oil & herbs + avocado.  Nausea is my kryptonite (I can muscle through just about any pain or fatigue but the slightest bit of nausea and I am down, useless, wishing for my own death), so I am really nervous about trying these eggs again.

Any ideas what could be happening here?

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You might be coming down with the flu. Per your own description, there was nothing wrong with your breakfast and it's food you are used to eating for the last 2-3 weeks. It is cold and flu season after all.

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