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I want to eat it all! (HELP)


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Day 19 and I have had an increasing hunger for.. everything! these past couple of days

Licorice, French fries, candy, wine, whiskey, more candy, chips... you name it. I sooooo desperately want it!

I have been doing fine, but I just now have gotten to that stage where I want to give up (I think it's just something that's in me, I remember giving up around day 21 in the past) I am not feeling tiger blood yet, have little other no scale succeses to report and desperately want to get on a scale because maybe that's a victory I can add to the list to keep myself going. So I can't pull myself through on NSV's alone.

I have been doing everything right. Keeping as much to the meal template as I can, no hidden sugars or anything, going to bed on time, pitch dark room. Only thing is, I have had a lot of stress and this week has been a very stressful week for me after having some breathing room and time away from certain stressors the past couple of months, I am now at a point where I have to face them. So my emotional eating disorder is really pulling hard to get me of the whole30 path. 

Besides taking a bath or going for a walk. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get me through these cravings and help me deal with the stress? I can't get rid of it, it's something I need to work through instead of running away from. The whole30 has given me the strength this far, but I am afraid it might not be enough to get me through it all.


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Day 17 of round 2 here.

Im reading the Food Freedom Forever to try to increase my chances of not going back to my binge emotional eating.

As I understood it one thing Melissa wrote is actually to picture yourself eating eating whatever tempting food you're wanting and that visualization helps to momentarily satisfy yourself.  I've tried it a few times since I read it and it has actually satiated me for a bit.

This may not help you but it was an interesting concept I don't think I'd ever heard of before.


good luck!

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I feel you!  I'm on day 19 and facing a very stressful end to a very stressful week.  I have a half day off of work and all I want to do is go home and snuggle on the couch with my dogs...and a glass of wine.  Or four.  But I'm not going to.  Instead - I'm going to literally have every other indulgent self-care reward I can think of that doesn't involve food.  Your bath idea is at the top of my list- but really go for it!  And scented epsom salts, lite a candle and throw on a face mask.  I'm going to follow that with the cuddle plan (minus the wine), then a mid-afternoon nap in my cozy bed. 

And I like RB1's suggestion of reading FFF - I'm doing that in anticipation of finishing up my W30.  I do think that's a good way to stay motivated and feel prepared about the looming end of the W30.

You're on the downward slope - you can do it!

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@RB1 Have read FFF, don't remember that though. Am going to read it again at the end of my Whole30.  Might try this method next time.

@TJHigh I used a little bit of grapefruit oil on magnesium salt and took a nice long bath. No face mask, but Hair mask and then I cuddled with my two cats in comfy clothes on the bed and I actually watched some reruns of a very sad show and cried a little everytime it got too sad, this actually was very therapeutic, until it was time to make diner. It worked! Diner was great and I am over the worst today. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will bring me enough joy to forget about the stress of this week and charges me to take on next week. :)

We will stay strong! Thanks!

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