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Meal composition


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I haven't read the book yet but I have read tons of links from the Whole30.com website, forums, etc. I haven't seen anything about meal composition requirements but I've seen people in forums referencing not having enough fat or not having veggies with a particular meal being bad. Is meal composition addressed somewhere other than the book? Is there a requirement to have some veggies, some protein and some fat for it to be a proper meal?

I will eventually read the book on the train to and from work, but I'm starting tomorrow and want to get off to a good start. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, katelo said:

After reading through the pdf, I don't see where potatoes fit into the meal composition. I see the protein, veggies, fats, nuts, fruit etc. Does whole30 consider potatoe a vegetable? Thinking not.

Potato are considered a starchy carb and our recommendation is to have a fist sized serving at least once a day (and then more if you work out, are highly active, a woman on or near her period, a person with mild mood disorders etc..).  So you'd put the fist sized serving on the plate and then fill the rest of the plate with veggies :)  Does that help? 

Oh, and no french fries or potato chips ;)

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