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Good morning!

I'm on R1D11 and am over the moon happy about all things whole 30. I had been dealing with chronic constipation and undiagnosed abdominal pain they have said is "just gas" since 2008-2009.  I had tried lots of things, took probiotics, opremazole, fiber, miralax, even been prescribed an antidepressant because it was all in my head. Yes, I am chubby. Sure I could eat better. Not once did they check any allergies etc.  

So for Lent I decided to do Whole 30 for the mindfulness of it. Not to lose weight, not to check for any sensitivities, just think about what I put in my mouth. I also like food prep, Ilike the proverbial easy button.  Within 4 days, I noticed my puffy, perimenopausal chubby feet weren't swollen. Like seriously ARE YOU KIDDING??? Then my chronically sore hip from assembly line fork, lots of sitting, etc, the pain was gone. GONE. I've had to bend over to put said sock on since I broke my elbows six years ago. Not anymore!

Anywhooo, so my digestion has been dreamy. Everything I could hope it could ever be! All the random pain in my gut is gone. Not kidding, I just feel so blessed. I'm singing Whole 30 from the rooftops. So in the last day or two, I have like light colored streak in my BM's(which are spectacular by the way). The total optimist part of me is like "OMG a decade of gunk is sloughing off my colon!" If it might be something else, you can tell me too :P I'm looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience?  Thank you, Melissa and everyone. This is a great forum! HAGD!

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