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Ok, well I’m 14 day post op of having my entire colon removed. My ilium is connected to my rectum, no ileostomy. I’m having a very difficult time determining what foods I can and can not tolerate. I am to follow a low residue diet for 4 to 6 weeks to give by body enough time to adjust to heal and make it easy on my small intestine to digest the food. I am also a Dietitian so this should be easy for me, right? WRONG, I know the kind of foods I should avaid but I can not control whether my body can tolerate it or not the foods I’m allowed. It’s been a rough start, just going by trial and error. Would it be a good time to start this program or should I wait until I can tolerate more foods? Help please!

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1 hour ago, IrisRD said:

should I wait until I can tolerate more foods?

I'd be inclined to say you should wait. I'm sure you are aware that over exposure to any food can result in an intolerance/sensitivity resulting in the need for elimination - this would only restrict your food choices further. Maybe stick with healing foods like bone broth for now and build up your options before starting...

Hope this helps.

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I have just Joined this forum and plan to start Whole30 on July 8, 2019, to give myself a few prep and research days. I had total colectomy (entire large intestine removed) three years ago and like you have my ileum (small intestine for those who don’t Know) connected to my recriminations, so thankfully no news for ostomy bag. I am also type one diabetic for 37 years, so am reading posts about both situations to help me prepare for success. Any updates with your Whole30 experience and recommendations to keep in mind as I prepare to begin? Thanks! 

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