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Hey everyone!

I have a question about fruit; on the Whole30 you aren't supposed to eat fruit by itself, your supposed to combine it with fat and/or protein, but I've heard that you should eat fruit by itself no later than 30 minutes before a meal and no sooner than 2-3 hours after a meal. I follow food combining rules to improve my digestion, and I believe in eating 1-2 small servings of low-sugar fruit everyday. If I were to eat them by themselves, would that negatively effect my Whole30?

Thank you! 

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4 hours ago, jmcbn said:

Fruit, when eaten on its own, can negatively impact blood sugar.

Many people choose not to eat fruit at all.

What digestion issues do you have that you feel eating fruit in this way will benefit it?

I would like to eat fruit as I personally believe it is a healthy food. Fruit digests very quickly, therefore if it is eaten with something that is digested slower (fat, protein) it has time to ferment and can cause digestive distress. I don't believe that eating fruit this way helps my digestion, but I do believe that it prevents the fruit from causing distress. Also, I'm not talking about high-sugar fruits like bananas or mangos, I'm mainly talking about berries so I think the effect on my blood sugar would be minimal. 

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The recommendation is for a maximum of two fist sized servings per day, with, or immediately after a meal - primarily because of it's impact on blood sugar, and because it feeds the sugar dragon, prolonging cravings, and preventing fat adaptation when eaten on it's own.

That said, this is a recommendation, not a rule - technically you could eat ONLY fruit for 30 days and you could still say you've done a Whole30. 

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