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Very sick throughout Whole 30


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I am very sick during whole 30. I am bloated and stomach sick every night after dinner.

Days 5-6 I was sick and the last three days 14-16 I have been really sick though. Vomiting and bad diarrhea. Pure liquid out of both ends. 

I think it's linked to potato's and maybe FODMAP foods and maybe Cajun spices. It's hard to tell but both times I had eaten spice cod and potatoes before the sickness started.

Any way I am feeling very discouraged. And I want to go back to my old foods still I won't be sick anyone. 

What can I try? What should I do? Will going to my doctor help?

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This kind of sickness is not a normal result of eating vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. It's definitely worth talking to your doctor to rule out any kind of virus, food poisoning any other issue.

If you had the cod and potatoes, it might be nightshades that you're having issues with -- potatoes and any kind of peppers, like chili peppers or jalapenos or paprika, would all be nightshades. You can read more about them here:  https://www.thepaleomom.com/what-are-nightshades/ If you do think these are the culprit, you'll obviously need to leave them out of your diet completely for a while to see if the issue clears up, and then slowly reintroduce them to see if you react to them.

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