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Rice reaction?


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Completed my 3rd whole30 and after 32 days I wanted to reintroduce brown rice into my diet the ingredients were brown rice and sunflower oil (I admittedly was short on time and used a quicker rice hence why it wasn't just rice). Almost immediately, I begun to get a scratch in my throat and it feels like I have a frog in my throat. 

I had this feeling x10 prior to whole30 when I was eating rice almost everyday. Is this a reaction anyone else has experienced? 

I'll definitely try to reintroduce sunflower oil or butter separately to see if that's the culprit but I'm doubtful it is. 

I'll also try other grains (quinoa, white rice) in a few days... I workout a lot and don't want to continue to eat sweet potatoes and potatoes forever!! 


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Sounds like it's maybe oral allergy syndrome. 

It's not particularly common, but with a rice allergy/intolerance there tends to be a sort of histamine reponse like you describe. Did you ever get hives...?

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