Feeling cold, freezing after workout


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I had a particularly intense (for me) workout today.  Not too long after, I started feeling really cold.  Not "wow it's cold in/out here" but a cold that seems to come from inside.

I've had this happen to me in the past, after skating a strenuous session, wearing a t-shirt on the ice, the stepping out in the hot summer sun, with a sweater and THEN being cold - so it's definitely not weather related.

I'm now a few days post-whole-30, still eating mostly whole-30 (I had some non-compliant ham last night, and some non-compliant kombucha).  After my workout, I had a few spoonfuls of hazelnut butter.  I did not add carbs, because according to the chart in It Starts With Food, I figured I probably don't need it.  (After checking again, maybe a bit would have been fine).  I'm still overweight, my %fat is too high, but I have decent resting HR, so I assume I'm still closer to the left of the graph, rather than right.

So.  Why does this happen? is it food/fuel related?  Is this an indication that I should have had carbs?


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Have you done any research on this in general?  When I google 'Why do I get cold after a workout' there are dozens of reputable articles on the first page about proper cool down and chills/cold after working out.  Not everything is food related altho I didn't read all the articles so maybe one of the solutions is to eat carbs - have a read through some articles and see what you can find.

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