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Exhausted On my Period


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So I've been doing great on the whole30 so far, by the end of last week my energy has been up, and my mood has been better among other things. I'm on day 14 and I started my period yesterday and today I am EXHAUSTED and Hungry. Just want to lay in bed, I'm physically weak and I just don't feel satiated. Should I be doing something different while I'm on my period?


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It's normal that hormonal changes throughout the month will cause you to be hungrier some days than others or more tired at times. If you're hungry, eat. Usually, people find in the week or so leading up to their period and maybe the first day or two, they need extra food, sometimes as much as twice the amount they'd normally have.  Try having extra starchy vegetables for a day or two, and if you need more protein and fat and other vegetables too, that's fine.

If you're hungry, especially if you have been for a couple of days, that can contribute to feeling tired, so it may be that that clears up once you eat more. 

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