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Hi friends,

I just recently started the Whole 30 Diet about a week ago and it has been good, however I have been experiencing some pain and cramping in my lower abdomen and in my lower back, as well as being fatigued often. I got diagnosed with endo and IC about 2 years ago and have had two surgeries. I was wondering if any of you with endo and/or IC have experienced some pain/fatigue/cramping once you started the Whole 30 diet? My pain isn't to the point where it is crippling, but it is definitely hard to keep up and I am debating whether or not I should modify the Whole 30 diet or stop it all together? I am contacting my doctor on Monday to consult with him, but would love any feedback/advice/testimonials from the Whole 30 community!



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What do you think it is about what you're eating that might be giving you endo pain?  Do you think this is from a detox type reaction?  What was your diet like prior to Whole30?  Are you eating a lot of something like raw veggies or nuts that could be causing bloat and cramping that is exacerbating your endo pain?  If you stopped the whole30 and went back to your way of eating prior, what are you going to be removing that might be contributing to the pain and what are you going to add back that might help the pain?

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