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HELP! do I start over??

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Honey roasted peanuts snuck onto my salad today. They were not listed on the menu (which- hello, what about people with allergies?)

I only ate 2 peanuts before I realized the horrible trickery.

So now, do I begin again? Or is this one of those, you tried to be careful and it didn't work??

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27 minutes ago, hgust907 said:

Yes yes, I know. I"ve read the article. I just want a real other person's perspective

I'm a real person. :)

What I can tell you is that peanuts can be highly disruptive, for many people.  There are a variety of issues with peanuts -- not just the fact that they are a legume.   This is not to mention the things that they put ON honey roasted peanuts.  

If you truly want the entire 30 days to be cleansed of the items laid out in the rules, so that you can do a careful reintroduction -- and that is important to you -- then you start over.   But ultimately, it IS your choice.  No one here is going to force you to start over, just like no one here *should* tell you, "ah, I slipped up a few times, and still called it a Whole 30".

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