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Drink Ideas for Kid's Lunch


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My son is okay with being able to eat more meat, but he is very upset about giving up his chocolate milk that he had in his lunch everyday.  My kiddo LOVES milk.  Any drink ideas for lunches?  He drinks water all day long and meal time was his time to indulge in a glass of milk.  

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There are chocolate almond milks, and maybe other types of nut or coconut milks -- they'll be sweetened, so they're not truly Whole30 compliant, but some people do bend the rules for children, depending on the age of the kid and why you have them doing Whole30 with you. That would be up to you, though, if you are okay with that tradeoff. If you're specifically trying to determine how food affects his behavior, it might not be a good option if you want to be able to determine if sugar affects him. (There are unsweetened chocolate almond milks too, but I'm not sure most kids would think those were a treat, possibly not even drinkable, unless they're really used to not having sweets.)

You could do infused waters -- put sliced fruit (or veggies, or herbs and spices) into water, put it in the fridge overnight, strain the fruit out and you'll have flavored water. 

Fruit juice is not ideal, but a small amount with a meal, possibly watered down or even mixed with some club soda, might be a nice treat. 



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We feel your pain! My daughter was not at all happy for the first 5 days or so but has since been great with it EXCEPT for drinks. We were never big fast food eaters but Sonic happy hours was an almost daily part of our life. I haven't even tried for milk variations as I don't want her to hit a SWPO frustration wall of this does not even resemble what I asked for, but I have found a few good and easily packable drink options. 

spindrift sparkling water - the raspberry lime is the hands down fav in our house

Rethink Water 

and last but not least Drazil Kids tea a true indulgence as they are made with fruit juice. I am not sure if every flavor is a complaint but the tropical and passion punch are 

We have also been making freshly brewed complaint herbal teas as well. 

Hope this helps! 


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