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I seem to get a headache about every day. I’m on day 14, drinking as much water as I can (more than normal) but still seem to need to take ibuprofen almost every day. Meals are as follows:


breakfast: three eggs, about 1/2 cup sweet potato hash with ghee and coconut oil

lunch: pork cauliflower fried rice, maybe 10 cherries, handful of nuts

dinner: turkey burger with 1/2 avocado, one small white potato, Brussels sprouts, carrots.


breakstfast: same as yesterday

lunch: whole 30 pad Thai with cashews, banana

ate lunch about an hour ago and now have a headache. Usually in the afternoons this happens. Feel like if I drink more water I’m going to pee my pants...meaning I already go at least once an hour! Thought?

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It looks like you're not quite eating enough. 

Only 1/2 cup of veggies in your breakfast isn't nearly enough (though 3 eggs is good!) and unless you're eating heaps and heaps of the cauliflower fried rice, you're probably a bit short on protein there too. 

Dinner looks ok, but how's the turkey burger compare to the length, width, and thickness of your palm? 

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