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Whole 30 Day 23 - Help!

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Hi everyone! I need some Whole 30 help. I have been 100% compliant since the beginning of this journey, but I've been experiencing stomach issues for ~20 days now. Upset stomach, frequent bathroom runs, the runs, etc. I have celiac disease (doctor diagnosed) and I was gluten free for several years prior to starting Whole30. Does anyone have an recommendations for how to stop the stomach issues? I'm so tired and feel dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. I've cut ou fruit since many people have recommended cutting that out for stomach issues. 

Here's an example of what I am eating during the day: 


Not much of a breakfast eater - usually bacon/prosciutto/chicken with an egg and a handful of nuts. 


Grilled chicken, spinach salad, dressing, carrot sticks and nuts. 


Grilled steak with salad and potato or potsticker meatballs (pork, cilantro, carrot, ginger)


Nuts and carrot sticks


Water, green tea, La Croix and Spindrift

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Nuts can be really hard on your digestion! In the past when I've been having stomach troubles the first thing I always notice is that I'm eating more nuts than normal. Try bumping up your meal sizes so you don't need to snack, and try a different fat source!

Also, raw veggies can be hard on your stomach!

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Heya - I concur with racheleats, try another fat source besides nuts. Also, your meals seem to be lacking veg. Ideally you want 1-3 cups per meal and be aware that raw veggies can give your belly a hard time too.

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