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Day 15:

Breakfast: Left-overs from dinner last night

Lunch: Left-over chocolate chili (the last of it) with some salad on the side

Bought the salad at the main lunch place on campus where they have a pretty decent and cheap "green wall" option for take away, usually stocked full of ok salad stuff and then always two options of a hot veggie dish. I just waltzed right in there and packed a box full of salad, although I had to stop myself from adding the oh so tasty kidney beans as I usually do. Felt good to be able to choose (for once). No protein then of course, but as I knew I had chili left in the staff fridge I was all set, even have salad left for tomorrows left-overs. This week has been good with a lot of left-overs for lunch basically!

Dinner: HB eggs with salt and pepper, a closed handfull of olives, half of a roasted sweet potato, some cherry tomatoes

For like the third night in a row I did not feel hungry at all once I made it home around 7 pm and just wanted some eggs (ha, since I haven't eaten them in a few days I all of a sudden had a craving for eggs, who would've thought!?). So nice to know I still have left-overs for lunch tomorrow, without having to bother cooking tonight. Up until a year ago I didn't really eat dinner - and one of the biggest reasons for me gaining weight since my BF moved in has been the (late) dinners full of carbs (oh, and maybe the pizza, chips and candy that came with him...). I don't like eating late at night and sleep much better if I don't, plus I don't like feeling bloated when going to bed, which I find is a side-effect of late eating. This dinner was perfect. Oh, and I'm so grateful I roasted sweet potatoes and boiled eggs last Sunday - such a treat to realize I already have food that's ready to eat in the fridge!

Had such bad cravings all day! Candy, chocolate, pastries, peanut butter (which my BF ate sitting next to me so it smelled delicious...). Really didn't think the cravings would come back like this, haven't had them this bad since in the very beginning. Already planning for my first day post whole 30, am afraid I'll just pig out, but am trying to really feel and think about what the one thing I want to eat then would be - not allowing myself everything but rather cherishing that one thing and focusing on that (with the hope that by the time I get there in two weeks, I'll have lost interest :P)

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I also had cravings return... guess that is normal. You know what I wish? I wish I could just appreciate the glorious smell of something, you know eat with my nose and be satisfied with that.

It does not work that way in my current world.

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Day 16:

Woke up with a sore neck and shoulders. By chance, I saw an offer for a 20 min aroma massage at this (over-priced) local spa for about a third of the regular price, so I booked it! Left work early (we get an hour a week that we can use for preventative "wellness care" plus they pay for a part of gym memberships, Sweden is kinda great that way...) and went and got my bathing suit and what I thought were work-out clothes (I never work out, so I don't really have this, I just use sweatpants - which happens to share the same drawer as my PJ's. Ooops, accidentally grabbed my snuggly one-piece henley long-johns. Not appropriate for gym wear, which I realized once I was gonna change into them). Had a nice short massage, felt amazing to just relax and breath for a moment. Proceeded to fall aslepp in one of the armchairs in the spa-area post-massage. Woke up, realized working on the machines was not an option (see clothes mistake above) and just swam for 30 min, stretched a bit. So satisfying!

Breakfast: HB egg, half of a sweet potato, carrot

Lunch: Left-overs, half of a sweet potato and salad

"Pre-massage": A couple of olives.

"Post-massage": An apple handed to me by the staff at the spa. Wasn't gonna eat it, but then caved as it was cold and delicious while sitting/lying in the armchair half-asleep.

Dinner: Cauliflower "risotto" with some kale fried up with a red pepper and fresh hand-peeled shrimp

Kind of a weird mixture, but I walked past the fish cart and just wanted some fresh Nordic shrimp! The cauliflower risotto turned out pretty good, although I wouldn't say it tasted anything like a risotto. Still good though. Makes me excited to use grated cauliflower as "rice" in other dishes too!

Past the half-way mark. Let's just finish this thing!

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Day 17:

Breakfast: Fried egg with half an avocado, half a sweet potato and carrot

Lunch: Salad with olives, half an avocado and half of a sweet potato

Dinner: Fish and zucchini noodles with tomatoes (fresh and sun-dried), capers and onion

Movie snack: Coconut flakes, almonds, pecans, pistachios and dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice), maybe an open handfull altogether.

Went to the movies, oh boy was that a challenge! Brought a little bag of goodies and bought a bottle of sparkling pure water at the theater to allow myself something exciting while the BF got snacks and soda. Perhaps overdid the nut bag a little (I was sitting there for 3 hours after all...) but didn't eat the whole thing either, so some sort of restraint was possible.

Such bad cravings though, all afternoon/evening. Ugh.

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Day 18:

Woke up late, so nice! Had dinner out, which was a treat, but definitely not 100% compliant, as there were probably traces of stuff in the food... :/

Brunch: Fried egg, avocado, left-over fish and tomatoes from last night, half of an orange

Dinner: "No-bean chili" (only meat, nothing else) with guacamole and cole slaw

I'm pretty sure the chili had stuff in it that I shouldn't eat (like maybe some barbecue sauce with sugar in it?) and the guac was way too creamy to only be avocados (although it tasted "pure"), as well as the cole slaw which probably had some stuff in it even though they said it was made with homemade mayo. Decided this was still ok. I did not eat any of the nachos that came with it, or the sour cream. I really wanted to eat out with my BF and the restaurant we chose is a nice local place that sources their foods in what I believe to be a good way. This far into it, I'm gonna just live with that I might get traces of stuff in the food I get if I go out, but it's just so much more worth it to be able to enjoy a meal (and still be as compliant as I can be) than to eat all my meals at home - that's not going to last in the long run...

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Day 19:

Brunch: Fried eggs and guacamole

Dinner: Deer stew with oven-roasted sweet potatoes, celeriac and beets

A conclusion of today: yum yum and yum! And now I have left-over for a couple of days. Probably gonna make some cauliflower "rice" to go with the left-oven stew, or maybe some mash?

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Day 20 (yay!):

Breakfast: left-over stew, tomato and a banana

Lunch: Left-over deer stew with the remaining oven-roasted vegetables (still lots of stew left)

Snack: An orange

Not sure why I got this snack actually - could've probably done without it... :/

Dinner: Zucchini noodles and tomato sauce with sautéed kale, cabbage and onions. A handfull in total of nuts/coconut flakes/cranberries mixed.

Feels so great to have completed 2/3! Am having major cravings though, and not feeling any tiger blood. In fact, I don't really feal much. My skin's not better, I'm sleeping like normal (i.e good), my energy level might be a little better than before I started (but then again, it's also getting lighter each day, which helps a lot here in dark, cold Sweden) and I don't feel like I've lost any weight (but haven't weighed myself, so not sure). Even though I am planning on doing another whole 30 at the end of March, I see it more as a challenge to get my sugar addiction in check every once in a while, but other than that I can't see any direct physical benefits of this apart from the fat adaption, which is great as it makes me less hungry. However, the mental strength in knowing I can do it is of course great! That alone is worth a lot, but can also be done by "just" cutting out sugar, and not all the rest... I don't know... We'll see. Actually, now that I think of it, I've instead had a lot more regular stomach cramps than before - which I suspect has to do with the amounts of meat I'm eating as compared to normal. Will try to think about it some more and try and deduct where it might come from if not the meat.

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Day 21:

Breakfast: HB egg, avocado and tomato

Lunch: Left-over stew with sautéed cabbage, kale and onions

Dinner: Coconut milk curry stew on cauliflower rice. Followed by a handfull of mixed nuts and a few coconut flakes.

Craving so many things. Have settled on what I want to eat when I get of whole 30, and will even try to make it non-dairy/non-grain/non-added sugar, to see if that will become a new standard for sweat treats. I know it's not good to look up these things while still on the whole 30, but it is helping me focus. Cause now every craving I get, I weigh it against having a slice of that homemade treat I have in mind, and whatever is on my mind at the moment seems so wasteful and boring in comparison. Who would want an artificial candy bar today, on day 21, when I can make my own delicious (hopefully) dessert post-30 that's still somewhat ok considering what I've been trying to teach my body in terms of grains and dairy. Ok, I better stop talking about it now...

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Day 22:

Breakfast: HB egg with avocado, tomato and carrot

Lunch: Left-over stew with kale and cabbage + a clementine

Dinner: Stew/sautée of salmon, sweet potato, onion, sun-dried and fresh tomatoes with some mixed salad on the side topped with a mayo/mustard/olive oil dressing.

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Day 23:

Breakfast: HB egg with half an avocado and left-overs from last night

Lunch: Salmon salad with HB egg, avocado, carrots and tomato, topped with mayo/mustard/olive oil dressing. An apple.

Dinner: Roasted brussel sprouts and lamb meatballs with tomato sauce. A banana with cinnamon.

Last of the lamb meatballs -they lasted me quite some time, perfect to freeze and cook in the oven with the brussels... A bit too much on the fruit today, perhaps my cravings should be better resisted this close to the end.

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Day 24:

Had a taste of what reintroduction might be like in terms of traces of dairy making it into my food... :/

Breakfast: Left-overs

Lunch: Deer stew with cabbage and kale

Dinner: (out) Oven-baked salmon with salad and a vegetable ragu. An apple.

I ordered what I thought would be the safest bet. However, as soon as it came out I knew this was going to be a borderline case. The "ragu" definitely had both cream and white wine in it :( So I didn't eat it, expect for a few bites of vegetables I manage to separate. The tiny amount still covering one or two of the vegetable pieces seems to have been enough though, because when I was sitting in the movie theater I had to rush out to the bathroom before the movie ended. So crazy to think that the little dairy that made it onto the surrounding food caused my stomach to freak out. Debated whether I should see this as a failure or more of a lesson learned, and went with the latter. I'm so close to 30 and am sticking it out with the challenge, so I can't let a minor setback like this spin me out of control (which very well could happen, as I immediately thought: "oh, ok, now I've ruined it, might as well eat a tub of ice cream now").

Movie snack: Handfull of nuts/coconut flakes

Had really bad cravings at work, and almost caved as they had set out a box of cookies in the faculty lunch room. I took a couple and brought to my office, with the idea that I would have a "stare down" and let my mind conquer my craving. I ended up hiding them in a drawer and then forgot about them the rest of the afternoon. Way too risky of an experiment! At least I didn't go off track, I'm still in this to the end (another week!).

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Day 25:

Breakfast: sautéed tomato, kale, spring onion and a tiny bit of green pepper with a fried egg

Lunch: "detox salad"

Went to a raw food place, it was great! Everything on my plate was compliant and delicious. First time I didn't have to leave half the food when going out to eat. Plus, the place is good for post whole 30 as everything is gluten, lactose and sugar free (even the treats which looked really good).

Dinner: Reindeer meat fried lightly in butter with kale.

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Day 27:

Breakfast: Left-overs with half an avocado, tomato and an orange

Lunch: Last of the deer stew with cabbage

Snack: Banana

Could've probably done without, but was thinking I'd work a lot later than I did...

Dinner: Cauliflower rice with a red curry with zucchini, carrot, fennel, green pepper and lots of spices. Yum!

So excited, my BF said he prefers cauliflower rice, so that'll be a staple around here in the future as well. Love the texture and flavor, so much more exciting than regular rice. Grated a really large head as well as put half of it in a container in the fridge - will try and see how it microwaves at work tomorrow (I'm hoping I can cook it raw in the microwave, seeing as it's grated so finely, will see...)

Couldn't be more excited it's the last week. I feel like the food is going great, just that my cravings for other things is still alive. I've been eating too much fruit these past days, need to make an effort to avoid more fruit in the coming days, I wanna end on top! Been thinking about reintroduction as well and think I'll hold off on gluten grains and legumes for a little while longer, while I'll reintroduce non-gluten grains and a little bit of dairy in the form of cheese and perhaps greek yoghurt.

3 more days. 90% done!

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Day 28:

Breakfast: Left-over lamb grounds with a fried egg, half an avocado and some cabbage

Lunch: Left-over curry and cauliflower rice

Snack: An apple

Again, could've done without it, and probably should've... :/ will try so hard to not have fruit tomorrow!

Dinner: Cauliflower "mexican" rice with onions, green and red peppers, salmon breaded in coconut flour and almond flour with spices, fried in coconut oil

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Day 29:

Breakfast: Smoked mackrell, left-over rice with peppers, tomatoes and a banana

Too much fruit - again! But today was super hectic, rushed out of the apartment this morning a lot earlier than I usually do and grabbed the banana on the go as I knew the other breakfast I downed in a hurry wouldn't be enough...

Lunch: Left-over lamb with cabbage, a pear

Dinner: Roasted sweet potatoes, salad with avocado, red and green peppers, tomatoes and sugar snap peas

Last day tomorrow! I'm going to a faculty party tomorrow night, will try and stay compliant as it'll be my last official meal on the whole 30, but also feel like I'll have to play it by ear depending on what is served. Feel no need for alcohol though, so don't think that'll be an issue...

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Day 30(!):

Can't believe it's been 30 days already! I've definitely made some mistakes, most of them unconscious. A few glitches including: the disulfates in the AVC at the very first attempt to make mayo; the probably sneaky stuff in the meals I did have out - nothing visible, but could've been cooked in the wrong kind of oil, had honey in the vinegrette etc...; too much fruit (never more than 2 per day, but still...); the "dairy debacle" with the hint of cream I ate as I was picking out the vegetables last Friday. Can't think of anything else. Will have to go through this log and see if there's anything I missed. Not too bad!

So... let's have a look at today, the last day... It culminated with the faculty party I've been anticipating nervously for the past 30 days. I knew it would be celebratory and that as it timed to the eve of my last day, I'd just see what happened and what food would be offered...

Breakfast: Ground lamb, sweet potatoes and kale

Lunch: Left-over curry and cauliflower rice, an orange

So far so good, feeling pretty great about wanting to continue to eat this type of delicious food and feel this full/fat adapted at work. Makes life so much easier!

Dinner: Winter faculty party! Here is where it got tricky! Entering the room, my boss handed me a glass of wine before I could refuse, which I held for quite a while and then took the tiniest of sips (wetting my lips for show basically) before putting it down and not picking it up again.

Got food, and it was surprisingly compliant in parts!

I had: salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, a heaping handful of olives. Eggplant. Seafood rice with calamari, shrimp and mussles.

Yes, I did have some of the seafood rice. As I've decided to avoid dairy altogether for a while, I'll start my reintroduction post-whole 30 with gluten-free grains. So basically, I made the decision that my reintro started tonight with that small amount of rice. I know it should not have been until tomorrow, but that's the best I could do under the circumstances, and considering my pre-decision to allow this party to be a "take it as it comes" event. Was handed a piece of chocolate cake by my table neighbor, which I tasted about half a teaspoon of but immediately was repulsed by. It tasted awful! Everyone around me was saying how good it was (perhaps cause they buried their pieces in whipped cream) but I did not get that at all.

All in all I'm proud, and a bit surprised, by myself for tonight. I could've done without both the tiny sip of wine and the tiny taste of cake, but I didn't go all out and eat of the chip bowl or the mounds of chocolates available. Phew!

I'm planning on trying to take it one step at a time and follow the reintroduction guidelines as Ive understood them, but as I mentioned, skipping the dairy reintro (will take that maybe next weekend as I already know what it'll tell me - to avoid most dairy). This means I'll be doing gluten-free grains tomorrow Friday (well, including tonight) where I'll have some more rice and then popcorn at the movies tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday I'll try to be fully compliant again... although I do want to try and make the gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate pie I've scouted a recipe for, which is not whole 30, but paleo...

Monday I'll do gluten, with the biscuits my BF got me in England, maybe bread for lunch and perhaps pasta (yikes, am not looking forward to it at all, just writing it gives me the creeps... which means I might just avoid it too...). Tuesday and Wednesday back on whole 30 (will time well as I have two left-over dishes in the freezer for lunch).

Thursday will be legumes. Peanut butter (oh my that will be so amazing!), hummus/falafel and/or peas. Hm, seems like I'm forgetting something - what else are legumes that I've stayed clear from? Friday might just be "back to normal" I think, minus the dairy, as I have meetings all day with catered lunch.

Then the weekend, maybe I'll do ice cream... Probably a "semla" - a Swedish traditional pastry with loads of whipped cream. Will have to see.

Feels good to have a plan, as I've been living off my trustworthy calender these past 30 days and do not want to go all crazy as I let it go. That you all for your support. This is it. I did it. However, I'll be back. First, I have a reservation at NOMA in Copenhagen at the end of March for my BF's 30th birthday. It's considered the world's best restaurant several years in a row, 20 dishes of pure heaven. But the next day, I wanna try and start another whole 30, running until we go to the States at the end of April, when I know I'll want to have all the foods I've missed since last time we went (oh Five Guys peanut oil fried fries, how could I stay away?). The goal is to do one every third month or so, who's with me!?

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Pickled Penny is back!


Starting Whole 30 August today. Have not been keeping strict at all since I finished my last whole 30 successfully in January, but now I'm gonna try to reinforce some of the amazing results I had last time and hopefully settle my routines even better for fall!




Day 1:



Brunch: Two eggs fried in coconut oil, with some red pepper and onion. Tiny little black cherries picked from the kitchen window (!)

Dinner: Salmon with cauliflower "rice", endives and this amazing avocado pesto


Evening: Green tea with lemon

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I had similar thoughts to you initially - we ate healthily already, but I saw no reason why we shouldn't give this a try and see if we could feel any better!

Are you getting enough protein - maybe you don't mention it (or what I think your dish is is something different!) but some of your meals seem to have it missing!

*applogies....I didn't realise they were old posts!

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I had similar thoughts to you initially - we ate healthily already, but I saw no reason why we shouldn't give this a try and see if we could feel any better!

Are you getting enough protein - maybe you don't mention it (or what I think your dish is is something different!) but some of your meals seem to have it missing!

*applogies....I didn't realise they were old posts!


Hi Amber!


Yes, I picked this log up again after being away for way too long, hopefully the renewed accountability will help me further this time again!


Regarding the protein this is a conscious "choice". Besides from eggs, I do not normally eat farmed animal products at all (I eat wild meat and locally caught fish and seafood only, and in moderate amounts) . During my first whole 30 however, I made an effort to give the full program a try and thereby increased my meat intake tremendously. I'm aware this was still not up to the levels argued by Paleo/whole 30, but I simply cannot give up my knowledge and conviction on this issue from a global perspective.


That said, this time around I hope to learn more also about protein rich veggies and how to balance my meals in terms of nutrition during the day. Any tips for this are very much appreciated! 


Let's go August!

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could you (or would you) do the vegetarian shopping list? theres a few inclusions on there that aren't on the standard list to enable you to get enough protein.


whilst vegies do have protein, the amount you'd need to eat to get enough is ridiculous and you'd probably have issues digesting it all!

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could you (or would you) do the vegetarian shopping list? theres a few inclusions on there that aren't on the standard list to enable you to get enough protein.


whilst vegies do have protein, the amount you'd need to eat to get enough is ridiculous and you'd probably have issues digesting it all!


I didn't really have any issues with not eating enough protein last time, so I'll just stick to my increased meat intake (although not with every meal) this time as well. I know veggies are not enough, so eggs are definitely a staple for August!

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