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Day 2:


So far so good, although I had mad cravings all afternoon. Oh ice cream, why are you so delicious?


"Brunch": A banana + 1/2 cup in total of coconut flakes, cashews and pecans mixed

Late lunch/dinner: Lamb meatballs (I mixed in garlic, green olives, capers and herbs) fried in coconut oil, with sautéed red onion, yellow pepper and tomatoes


Evening snack: HB egg+ 1/2 avocado

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Day 3:


Breakfast: A cup of coffee, a banana and 1/3 cup in total of cashews and pecans mixed

Forgot to eat my HB egg that I had left in the fridge as I was running out the door, so no protein :/


Lunch: Gazpacho with celery

Ate out and even though they said no added ingredients, I'm pretty sure one or two non-compliant things had made it into the soup... hm...


Snack: 1/4 cup of Jerky made from wild reindeer, deer and elk

Since I missed out on protein with both breakfast and lunch I had some of this after my bike ride. Mmmm, delicious! Too bad it's so expensive, I could eat it all the time!


Dinner: Left over lamb meatballs fried in coconut oil, with sweet potato and sautéed endives, red onion, yellow pepper and tomatoes + 1/4 avocado


Evening: Green tea

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Day 4:


"Brunch": HB egg, a small avocado, three olives and a heaping handful of chopped up raw sweet potato

Snack lunch: Raw purple and orange cauliflower florets, chopped up raw sweet potato, half a banana, some cashews & pecans, rest of the "wild jerky" (so good!)

Went to a lake, paddled canoes etc, so I packed a picnic (the BF's consisting of a PB&J sandwich) all prepared in zip-locks - was great! Good to know for the future!


Dinner: No-bean chili with guacamole + rest of cauliflower florets

After the lake, we had dinner and drinks (soda water for me) at this place we love in town. The no-bean chili they make is pretty good, with local beef. I had it during my last whole 30 as well, and even though they've since convinced me they only use home-made ingredients, I'm sure some drops of non-compliant stuff (like tabasco sauce maybe?) might possibly have snuck in...  It does however come with tortilla chips and sour cream as well, but since I still had some raw cauliflower in my bag from lunch, I just gave the non-compliant stuff to the BF and snuck floret after floret onto my plate :)

Wonder if they've even had anyone smuggle cauliflower into their restaurant before, hehe...

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Day 5:


Breakfast: HB egg, avocado, 5 olives, tomato

Lunch: Gazpacho & celery

Again, so good! But no protein so I allowed myself to snack shortly afterwards, right after I'd been to the market...


Snack: Reindeer meat & 5 fresh green olives


Dinner: Curry stew over cauliflower "rice" - so yummy! 

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Day 6:


Brunch: Poached egg, guacamole, 6 olives, a couple of florets cauliflower


Snack: Raw sweet potato sticks, assorted nuts: pecans, walnuts (I know, I should limit), cashews & coconut flakes

Went to the movies again, and brought my own snacks. Just bought some sparkling water at the theater to not throw myself over my BF's soda.


Dinner: Salmon with asparagus and spinach/onion sautée

Had dinner with a friend who had cooked for both of us and brought it as a picnic to the ocean where we sat for a while - really nice! It's good cause she's on LCHF so my diet sort of aligns with hers. I think I might have convinced her to try whole 30 though instead ;)


Post-dinner snack on the cliffs: Left-over nuts from earlier

A lot of nuts today... Probably not more than a heaping handful in total, but still... I know I shouldn't substitute snacking...

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Day 7:



Brunch: Sweet potato and red onion fried in coconut oil, (one lonely cauliflower floret I had left in a zip-lock), a few green olives, reindeer meat, a tomato, two tiny black cherries picked from the kitchen window



Dinner: Roasted beets, garlic and onion in olive oil with rosemary, reindeer meat, a closed handful of black olives and to finish off the meal - a closed handful of cashews



Seriously considering whether I should continue or not. A week down, I just don't know if August was that great of a time to do this... (is any though really? I know I'm just making excuses...)

Tomorrow is the start of a music festival here in town, running through the weekend - where there will be tons of great food and little time for running home between shows for proper cooked meals. Will try to bring compliant snacks (they don' really let you bring anything in), but will just have to make the best of the situation. Then I'm going to a wedding next weekend, a colleague of mine who is marrying his persian girlfriend, so there will be an amazing spread of persian food and sweets which I just don't know how I can avoid going off track with, even though I will try my best not to! 


Ugh, just not motivated enough I think. I'm doing well I would say myself (haven't really gone too nuts and have avoided fruit the last couple of days, which might be my weakness I think). I've gotten through the worst head- and body aches, but am fairly drained of energy still. I know that if I just hold out another week or so I might actually reach tiger blood this time (didn't really happen back in January), which makes me want to stay at it! My stomach is also doing great, and I can feel it effecting my whole body. No bloating, issues or anything!


So... yes, this is all worth just pushing forward, but I will at the same time not fret over potentially eating something non-compliant this coming week, although I will of course avoid all obvious things as best I can! Will see how it goes...

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