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Tooo many NUTS :(


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I have been doing real well, and lost 8 pounds up till now.. I’m finding the program fairly easy to follow... BUT.. lately I’ve given into a night snack of eating more than 2 hand full of nuts :wacko: 

im  going to break the habit now before it gets any worse. I would really appreciate someone telling why this is not a good habit to pick up and how eating too many nuts is not good... 

truthfully it will make sense to me, so I can kick the habit.. help :lol:

My guilt is killing me :(

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Nuts are an imbalanced fat source as far as Omega 3 and 6 go... Almonds have a ratio of almost 2000:1 in favor of Omega 6 which the standard diet already has in excess. (check this chart out under 'nuts & seeds' https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratio_of_fatty_acids_in_different_foods)

Second, they can be really gut disruptive for a lot of people... they cause digestive distress and bathrooming issues.

It's our recommendation to keep nuts and seeds (and their products) to a closed handful every other day... that's about 6-8 almonds every other day at the most... nuts and seeds can be a great condiment to salads etc... but if you find yourself feeling guilty, binging or having trouble stopping when you start it's definitely a good indication to put these food items aside for a while.

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