Reintroduction Mix-up/Advice Sought

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Hi! I'm saying "Hello" officially with this post. :-) This forum was so very helpful while I completed my Whole 30 last month!

On Friday, I "enjoyed" a legumes reintroduction, and I messed up. Looking for advice on how to move forward... One of my meals was from Chipotle, a bowl that was compliant aside from intentionally adding black beans and chicken. I was under the impression that the chicken was cooked in a soybean oil, but it looks like I had outdated info; the chicken actually was cooked in rice bran oil. Grr. My digestive tract reacted to something I ate on Friday, and I'm still feeling the effects today (Monday). Of course, now I don't know whether it was the beans or the grain. And, of course, I want to figure out which one caused the problem.

At this point, do I need to back off of reintroduction and restart the Whole30 process to really see what's going on? Or can I continue reintroducing every few days with a more careful eye to the ingredients? Thanks for any insight that you can provide!

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In this case, I would eat Whole30 compliant until you feel as good as you did before you tried this reintro and then go again for legumes or rice bran oil separately and see how you do... you don't want to start reintroducing other stuff if you're still suffering the ill effects today... give yourself a few days and then start again :)

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